Kris Bryant Comments Take Notice With Yadier Molina and other Cardinals

Kris Bryant Comments Take Notice With Yadier Molina and other Cardinals

Yadier Molina and other Cardinals are none too happy with the Kris Bryant comments on St. Louis with Ryan Dempster.

In case you missed it, last night on a mock “night show” with Ryan Dempster felt the need to crap on the city of St. Louis. As a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and someone who considers himself a St. Louisan even though I don’t live within the city limits, it was disappointing to see. However, I honestly didn’t think much of it.

He plays in the city of Chicago and their rival is in St. Louis. It’s only natural to come up with some little stab at them and their city when given the opportunity. It was a little uncalled for, but it’s certainly not all that surprising.

However, Yadier Molina and other St. Louis Cardinals players took exception with the comments from Bryant. The first comment was made by John Brebbia at a Cardinals’ Caravan event in Peoria, IL Brebbia when asked about Bryant’s comments he stated “Cry me a river, loser”. A little while later Yadi posted this on instagram.

Wow, if that doesn’t take this rivalry to a new level I don’t know what else will. However, that’s not it. Several fellow Cardinals’ players commented and liked the post from Molina. Most notably, Marcell Ozuna who commented, “From outside they speak and talk like tiger but at the end they gonna be like little cat…#cerorespectforthisstupidplayers #quevivastlouis #LOVESTL”.

The proverbial “Hot Stove” may not be hot right now, but this rivalry is starting to heat up and I can assure you, that it is going to be a fun 2019 season.

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