Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Breakdown

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Breakdown

Marvel dropped the first trailer for Thor Ragnarok and I’m here to analyze what has been revealed.

If you want to watch the Thor: Ragnarok trailer shot by shot along with me here is the link.


The trailer starts with Thor being thrown into some sort of pit with chains wrapped around him. The scenery is very dark and has lava all around it along with some creatures that look like they are made out of lava. Now the big question for these shots is where is he at this moment. There has been speculation that it’s Hela’s domain Hel located in Niflheim but I disagree. I believe that this is Muspelheim home of the demon Surtur due to the amount of fire around the location.


Next, we see Hela walking through some sort of portal. Now, this I believe is Niflheim. From what I’ve read and seen in Thor comics/tv shows Hel has a vast amount of fog around it and visibility is limited. That description matches this area very well.


We then see Thor throwing Mjolnir at Hela and she catches and destroys it. This leads me to believe that we will be taking a trip Nidavellir this movie. Nidavellir is the home of the dwarves and they are known throughout the nine realms as master blacksmiths. As seen in the Avengers: Infinity War first look trailer Thor has a new weapon and I believe it will end up being the Ultimate Thor’s hammer.


A shot of Hela in her full comic book costume in what looks like Niflheim.


Hela then attacks Asgard single handily and burns it down. I don’t believe Hela is actually the one burning Asgard because fire isn’t in her power set. Surtur, however, is heavily involved with fire so I believe that Hela is league with him.


After a quick shot of Thor blocking fire, he then lands on an alien planet. On this planet, he is captured by Valkyrie and is escorted to compete in the Grandmasters gladiatorial arena.


A quick shot of someone in battle with Hela who I believe will end up being Valkyrie. In the comics Valkyrie is known for riding on Pegasus which was shown in the shot.


Thor is being taken to the Grandmasters arena and being prepared for battle.


A shot of Valkyrie and The Grandmaster discussing Thor.


Heimdall with long hair in a forest fighting with a different sword. I think that in this shot Heimdall is searching for Odin after the events of Thor 2.


When then see a battle over what looks like Asgard. We see Skurge the Exicusioner using guns opposed to normal battle axe and Hela in full costume attacking Asgardian soldiers. Next, we see Loki in battle with his classic comic helmet. He is out in the open which makes me believe that he has been outed as Odin to Asgard or Odin has been found.


Thor is ready for battle wearing a version of his classic costume including a cape and his helmet which hasn’t been seen since Thor 1. Hulk then busts through his gate wearing an exact replica of his Planet Hulk costume. Thor shocks everyone with his happiness towards seeing Hulk when it cuts to the Grandmaster and Loki. Thor then fights Hulk and the trailer ends. The big question of this shot is why is Loki there? Loki’s appearance could mean a few things. It could mean that Loki and Thor are in cahoots and are participating in the arena for an alternative purpose. On the other hand, Loki could have set him up to be captured because he was close to finding Odin. Or lastly, Loki is there to take him out of the arena after the battle is over and reveal to him that he still alive.

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