Talking TV With Jared #5: Has Flash Turned The Corner?

Talking TV With Jared #5: Has Flash Turned The Corner?

In this edition of Talking TV, Rebels and Supergirl deliver all timers and Inhumans still sucks.

Arrow Season 6 Episode 3: Next of Kin

While Arrow still put out another solid episode it wasn’t up to par with the previous two because of its villain. They are coming off two straight weeks with great villains in Anatoli and Black Siren and Onyx did not deliver. She was very one dimensional and after the last two villains, it was very disappointing for me.

Everything else worked great especially one of the best fights I’ve ever seen. That scene outside and inside of the car between Diggle and Onyx. The incredible fight choreography really stood out in the movements and it was shot extremely well. Kudos to director Kevin Tancharoen and fight choreographer James Bamford because that was incredible.

Every week I continue to be surprised by how much I enjoy the Willaim scenes. I don’t know what it is but the combination of Oliver’s determination and the problems Willaim’s going through are really working for me and I look forward to them every week.

8.4 out of 10

Defenders Episode 7: Fish In the Jailhouse

This episode was probably my least favorite of the series so far but it still had redeeming qualities. The scene where Foggy brings Matt his costume was fantastic and really showed the bond between the two. It also really capped off the arc Foggy has had throughout the series.

The final fight scene between the Defenders and the Hand was really well done and seeing Matt fight two of the three fingers was so badass. Having Luke and Jessica have to team up against Madam Gao was also a nice touch. It showed perfectly why Madam Gao is such a threat and I hope she lives through the series.

The major problems with this episode were Elektra and Danny. Elektra just isn’t working as the villain. It might be because I enjoyed Alexandra so much or that I don’t understand her motivations but they seem to be pulling a Luke Cage with their villains in this show. Also, Danny is an idiot giving her the only thing she needs. All he had to do was not use the fist but he is too dumb to know that.


7 out of 10

Flash Season 4 Episode 3: Luck Be a Lady

This episode was by far the best of the season and it can be largely contributed to the return of Harry and Tom Cavanagh. Harry has always been my favorite of the Well’s and he fits perfectly in this episode. His chemistry with the gang and especially Cisco was on full display and was a constant source of comedy this episode. He also brought some emotion to the scene where he confessed Jesse didn’t need him anymore. A great episode for him and I can’t wait to see what he does this season.

This week’s villain was also a great part of the episode mainly because she was very likable. Most of the villains on the CW are very hatable but Becky was very sympathetic. It instantly made me feel for Becky and even though she was doing the wrong thing I felt for her.

A huge problem with this season and this episode has been Wally. It has felt like he has had nothing to do and is being wasted so they ditched him. It just felt forced and instead of trying to solve a problem ditching it and moving on. Hopefully, Wally will make his way to Legends for a full-time gig later this year.

8.6 out of 10

Inhumans Episode 6: The Gentleman’s Name is Gorgon

This show is so bad everyone. The only good thing from this episode was how Medusa finally did the right thing for once and voiced her support for a fair trial for Maximus. That’s it that’s the only redeeming thing in this episode.

Crystal remains the absolute worst person on this show with her uptight personality and her bland attitude about everything. It doesn’t help that she is involved in a boring love triangle that nobody cares about.

The big plot point that happens tonight is Gorgon dies. First of all, I don’t think he’s dead and second if I cared more about Gorgon then it would have any emotional resonance. He hasn’t done much and even if he did I’m not sure the writers would do him any favors.

Another huge problem is the fight scenes. They are still so uninspired and boring and the constant cuts between actors and moves make you so confused you don’t know who is winning. There are only two episodes left and I can’t wait for it to be over.


3 out of 10

Legends Season 3 Episode 3: Zari

This was a great episode of Legends but it was missing the special something that would have made it perfect. I don’t know what it was missing but something was missing.

Everything else worked very well. I’m especially enjoying how they are using Amaya this season. She is so interesting with her new abilities and she seems to be the important character now that the villain and new Legend are involved with her.

This new villain, Kuasa, is a great new addition. Her power base is really cool and her movements and fighting style were very reminiscent of Waterbending from Avatar. I also really enjoyed the new character Zari and her power set works well with this show. Her personality also should gel well with the team especially Rory.


9 out of 10

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Episodes 3-4: In The Name of the Rebellion

This is an absolute all-timer of an episode for Rebels that is only surpassed by Twilight of the Apprentice. The big thing in these episodes was the differences in ideology between Saw Gerrera and Mon Mothma and it delivered in spades. It wasn’t one sided at all and allowed for everyone to have a point in favor of their opinion and how it effected Ezra and Sabine.

After his brief appearance, last season Saw Gerrera really shined in these episodes. He really showed why he is such an interesting character and how extreme he is in his handling of the prisoners. It also allowed for more tie-ins to Rogue One which is very appreciated. Whenever we get these cool nods with the new Star Wars canon is really cool and just adds to both stories.

If Rebels can maintain this kind of quality for the remainder of the season it will go out on a high note. What an episode!

9.6 out of 10

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 3: Far From the Tree

It should come as no surprise to anyone that my favorite episode of Supergirl this season is Martian Manhunter focused. J’onn is an amazing character and they finally let him shine in this episode. His relationship with his dad was touching and led to my favorite scene ever in Supergirl where they reminisced about J’onn’s children.

Maggie also got more of a spotlight this episode and while it wasn’t as great as J’onn it was still very moving. Her relationship with her family is the opposite of J’onn and it really hit how awful her family was to her and why she had to leave. Both actors brought it and help create years of pain in only a few scenes.

The only problem I had was some of the humor still isn’t working. It was such an emotional episode that whenever humor didn’t hit it stood out such as the use of ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’.

9.4 out of 10

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2: The Damned

This episode was a great reminder of how compelling some of the characters on this show are. Choosing to focus on Rick, Morgan, Ezekiel, and Jesus allowed for each character to show what makes them special. All 4 stories worked really well and furthered their stories in an interesting way. I am so excited to see how this episode effects Morgan and Ezekiel’s stories specifically.

It’s also cool seeing how each faction strategizes their plans and how they adapted the plans as the battles progress. It just shows that even though we question the intelligence of our characters sometimes that they are intelligent.

My only issue was how much they focused on Aaron and Eric. I read the comics so I’m more attached to them than the average viewer but for most viewers, they like Aaron but don’t love him. So seeing how affected he his after Eric’s injury didn’t hit as well as it should have.


8.5 out of 10

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