Talking TV with Jared #3: The Arrowverse Is Back

Talking TV with Jared #3: The Arrowverse Is Back

In the third installment of Talking TV, we discuss the premieres of all the CW shows as well as episode 4 of Inhumans and episode 5 of Defenders.

Arrow Season 6 Episode 1: Fallout

This week on “Talking TV” Arrow is back and it is continuing the hot streak from last season. Last season was fantastic and this episode was an amazing start to season six. My only issue with this episode was that there were not enough consequences from the cliffhanger. Only Samantha died and Thea is a coma, I just expected more.

That doesn’t matter though because everything that this episode set up I’m already hooked on. Diggle’s battle with his injury, Rene trying to get his daughter back, Lance dealing with shooting his daughter, Black Siren wanting revenge on the team, and Oliver being father are all elements I am excited to see.

Special shoutouts to the writers for realizing that Katie Cassidy is so much better as Black Siren than Laurel and bringing her back in an expanded role. This episode was also shot really well especially in its fight choreography and with the many long shots. All of the new suits looked really good too.

I’m just so happy that Arrow is back to being the show I love and as of right now it’s the show I look forward to most every week.

9.5 out of 10

Defenders Episode 5: Take Shelter

One of the main components of this episode was the supporting characters of the Defenders. Besides Colleen, Misty, and Claire the supporting cast hasn’t done much. The main plot involved collecting these characters and put them in the same room. I don’t understand why they did this because they haven’t done anything in this series. It just seems like they are stalling until they get to the next big story point.

Colleen got a lot of screen time this episode which led to the return of Bakuto. I like Bakuto and think he is a great antagonist for Colleen but her story in this episode felt too rushed for my taste. It felt like it should have been her arc for the series not for one episode.

Lastly, this episode belonged to Daredevil. All of his scenes were amazing and he got some very badass moments when he saved Trish and tortured Sowande. It’s also very telling that when the Hand learned Daredevil was with the Defenders they looked scared.

7.7 out of 10

Flash Season 4 Episode 1: The Flash Reborn

Let me knock this out at the beginning so it doesn’t get repetitive Barry’s return didn’t last long enough for me and his return to his normal personality felt too forced. I could see that the writers were in a rush to make it feel like season 1 and while I don’t like how they did it, it worked.

The tone was very reminiscent of seasons 1 and 2 and that is something that’s going to need to continue if Flash wants to avoid the problems from last season. Barry was his most likable in over a year with his new optimistic and cheery personality and I hope it continues.

This episode was more concerned with returning our heroes to their season 1 personalities so the villain suffered. The Samuroid was completely uninteresting and I thought that for Barry’s return a bigger threat was needed. With the Thinker as the villain though I might get my wish.

Before I move on to another show I want to take a moment to applaud the show for putting Iris as the leader of Team Flash. I was initially surprised it was her but both the acting and writing really fit and I think with her new role on the team Iris will flourish.

7.4 out of 10

Inhumans Episode 4: Make Way for… Medusa

Just when I thought it was getting better it crashed back down. This episode was so boring and all of the problems from the first few episodes are expanded.

They gave an expanded role to Medusa, Crystal, and Karnak. Of these three characters, Karnak is my favorite but he has been so boring these past few episodes and his and all the other supporting characters feel like filler. It doesn’t help that his scene partner and he have no chemistry and their relationship is completely forced.

Then there’s Crystal. She is already an annoying entitled character so how do they make her more likable…they put her in a love triangle. This came out of nowhere and the other two characters involved were so annoying that I already hate them both.

Medusa was also incredibly annoying this episode. Louise is a very kind and likable person and Medusa treats her like crap and this is someone we are supposed to root for. We’re supposed to cheer when Medusa and Black Bolt get back together but all I thought was poor Black Bolt.

The two bright spots of this show have been Maximus and Black Bolt. They have been consistently entertaining and I care about them but they were barely in this episode. Even with the lack of Bolt and Maximus, they were still the best part of the episode.

4 out of 10

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 1: Aruba-Con

With how Flash took a darker turn last season one of the other shows had to step up the fun factor and Legends to the reigns. This show is an absolute blast and all the characters work so well on there own and with each other. As expected this episode was so much fun and while not all the humor fit (frat humor) most of it was great.

I’m really excited to see what the Time Bureau’s role in this season is. Rip worked really well in this role but his second in command did a great job of being completely hateable so I want to know more about her.

Jax scenes really stood out for me this week with his feelings being very understandable and his father-son dynamic with Stein on full display. Sara also had another great episode and her fight scenes remain some of the best on the network.

My big issue other than the forced humor is how quickly everything was fixed after last season. With the huge event of breaking time, I wanted to see how the Legends would fix things. It was mainly just used to set up the events of this season and soured my opinion on the finale.

8.4 out of 10

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 1: Girl of Steel

Supergirl is completely in the right to feel so depressed after losing Mon-El but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. It took me out of the episode with how she was acting and it felt like Flash season 3. Melissa played her well but it just didn’t feel like Supergirl.

Another problem I had with this episode is the villain was so boring. Bloodsport was his name and he did absolutely nothing to deserve that cool name.

Something more positive was the introduction of Morgan. I love this actor from Agents of SHIELD so I was excited to see what he does on Supergirl. His scenes with Lena worked well and I think their back and forth will be a major part of this season.

This new character is really interesting too and has something Supergirl hasn’t had yet in a sympathetic villain. Her relationship with her daughter worked and I believed her shock when she discovered her powers. I’m hopeful for her to be added to the list of great CW villains.

Lastly, that final scene with J’onn and Alex was perfect. It was so emotional and well acted that it filled me with joy and that is the Supergirl I love.

7.4 out of 10

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