Talking TV 22: John Noble Steals the Show

Talking TV 22: John Noble Steals the Show

John Noble makes his long-awaited appearance on Legends, SHIELD continues to be fantastic, and the acting on Arrow elevates the material on this edition of Talking TV.

Comic book TV shows took another step towards the end of their respective seasons as Talking TV returns.

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 16: Inside Voices

I’m really happy with what the show is doing with Creel. Currently, he is a big character in the Black Bolt comics and this version is very similar to the anti-hero I’ve come to love. They are also using his unique abilities as a way to incorporate Graviton into the plot and I am curious to see how they use Gravatonium going forward.

This episode also featured one of the tensest scenes yet when Simmons was trying to prove that she was impossible to kill. All four actors played the scene perfectly and just when you thought it was going to go one way they flipped it around on its head.

One of the aspects I wasn’t a huge fan of was the dynamic between Robin and May. Earlier in the season, the relationship the two had formed was a very unexpected source of heart and it was lacking in this episode. Maybe if we had more time with the two of them in this episode then I’d feel differently.

Arrow Season 6 Episode 17: Brothers In Arms

This was just another standard episode of Arrow but was held together by the performances of David Ramsey and Stephen Amell. Both actors have grown tremendously since season 1 and know their characters backward and forward. It’s because of this history that this plot was so effective and both actors played the fight beautifully. David Ramsey was especially great this week and got plenty of material to show how talented an actor he is.

My big problem with this back half of the season has been the lack of the main villain. Diaz is one of Green Arrow’s most classic villains and they are completely wasting the character as well as the actor playing him. It seems like the show is having more fun exploring the characters on his payroll instead of Diaz himself.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 17: Guest Starring John Noble

I think John Noble appearing as himself is now my favorite joke from Legends. It was perfectly set up with Mick saying he was watching Lord of the Rings and the execution was brilliant. John Noble looked like he was having so much fun playing himself. I’m glad that Legends found a way to get him to appear in person on the show.

Another great part of this episode was all of the scenes between Damien and Sara. They have such a long and storied relationship, so to see them have to work together was a delight. The two moments that really worked where when Sara accepted that Damien isn’t all hate and when she allowed him to wield the Death Totem.

My only issues with this episode are just nitpicks. I’m not a huge fan of the old age makeup used on Amaya. It didn’t look realistic and I think they should have just used another actress. Lastly, Nate used his Earth Totem way too fast. It took Nora multiple episodes before being able to wield her totem, but it took Nate maybe an hour.

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