Talking TV 21: Goodbye Thea

Talking TV 21: Goodbye Thea

We learned about the inner workings of Hydra, Ava has a secret, and we lose a member of Team Arrow on this edition of Talking TV.

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 15: Rise and Shine

One of the best things that SHIELD has ever done was use Hydra at the forefront of its plot. The way the show has explored Hydra has been fantastic and has given us many fantastic characters. This episode we got an extended look at the inner workings of Hydra through General Hale’s eyes and it was fantastic. Seeing how Hydra brought up their people and the devotion of Hale spoke volumes about her and made her a very sympathetic character.

This episode also marked the return of General Talbot. Adrian Pasdar did a fantastic job this episode playing up Talbot’s injury making us feel so bad for him. I also loved the character choice of him instantly knowing it was an LMD that shot him not Daisy and his belief in SHIELD.

Lastly, the final scene between Fitz and Daisy was great. Both the actors have grown into their roles and it was on full display in this scene. Daisy’s rage was well played and Fitz’s snapback made me rethink the entire situation and how Daisy was handling it.

Arrow Season 6 Episode 16: The Thanatos Guild

After barely having Thea last season and in the first half of this season this two-episode arc was all about her. Thea has grown so much on this show and is almost nothing like she was in season one. Willa Holand has always been one of the best actors on this show and in her final episode delivered a great performance. Goodbye Thea, I hope we get to see you again.

These past few episodes have really let me down in the fight department but this episode had some great moments. All of Thea’s fights were great and both Nyssa and Roy had some well-choreographed moves.

Having Thea leave on a mission with Roy and Nyssa gives the show the opportunity for all three characters to return eventually and if they do I hope we get to see more of this plot because it sounds very interesting especially with Nyssa’s dynamic.

Flash Season 4 Episode 16: Run, Iris, Run

This was a really great episode for Candice Patton. Just like Ralph pointed out in the episode she never really gets to do anything but this week she shined as speedster Iris. The joy she had in her powers and the doubt that she had in herself and her fearlessness was very well played.

Another great thing about this episode, Harry had a plot that actually felt like it mattered to the overall story. I’ve felt that most of Harry’s stories this season were filler and wouldn’t actually be of importance but this plot has potential to be a recurring element in the show. I wonder if this will cause Harry any negative repercussions.


Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 16: I, Ava

I feel like each week on Legends they give Damien an extremely funny and humanizing moment that I love and this week was no different. His scene with Nate was so funny and made me want to see how he would fare teaming up with the Legends.

We also got a lot of Kuwasa this episode. I really enjoyed her motivations and thought her scenes with Amaya were very well done. I also really loved how Mollus/Nora killed Kuwasa, it felt like it came out of Mortal Kombat and was very brutal.

Ava has been one of the best editions to this season and we finally learned her origin this episode. Finding out she is a clone from 2213 gives us some answers about who she is but not all of them. What it did do was allow Jes Macallan do play multiple characters. She did a great job with all the Ava’s and I wonder if we’ll see them again.

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