Talking TV 20: FITZ NO!!!

Talking TV 20: FITZ NO!!!

SHIELD delivers an all-time twist, Elvis controls the Death Totem, and Constantine returns to Legends of Tomorrow on this edition of Talking TV.

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 13: Principia

Mac has been one of the best characters in SHIELD the last season and a half and this was another great episode for him. All of his actions were very heroic especially risking his life just so he could secure new arms for Yo-Yo. I also really enjoyed his banter with his old academy friend, Tony, and him being obsessed with MC Hammer killed me.

I really loved Ruby this week. Her using all of her skills to pull Werner to her side was really cool to see and even though Ruby is extremely young and we’ve barely known her she is so intimidating. I’m so curious to see how she became the way she is and what the extent of her hatred towards Hale is.

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 14: The Devil Complex

Wow, what an episode. First and foremost, the standoff between General Hale and Coulson was fantastic. Both characters were firing on all cylinders and seeing Hale justify her actions was really interesting to see. Also with the stinger for the episode, I’m very excited to see what Hale is doing in Hydra.

The main thrust of this episode and what made it so fantastic was the plot going on at the Lighthouse. Evil Fitz returning made me so happy as he was one of if not the best villain SHIELD has ever had and I love me some villains. I didn’t know about the twist until right before it was revealed and it broke me. Fitz has been since season 1 the best character on this show and all the change he has undergone is in full force with this twist. Iain De Caestecker is the best actor on this show and might be the best actor on a comic book show.

Not to be outdone both Chloe Bennett and Jeff Ward were great as Daisy and Deke. Chloe sold the hell out of her torture scene making me wince and cringe so much that I had a hard time watching it. While Jeff was fantastic when he was telling Jemma that her and Fitz are his grandparents. A fantastic episode with multiple standout performances.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 14: Amazing Grace

This was an ok episode but it was missing the typical Legends spark that has made this season of Legends its best yet. It lacked the fun pop-culture references that it normally has and not all of the emotional moments hit.

One of the surprising parts of this episode was the friendship between Wally and Zari. I think it was the eager to please attitude of Wally with the too cool for school attitude of Zari. Seeing her coach Wally through how the Legends do things shows how far she has come since her first episode and Wally and her dancing at the end of the episode really worked for me.


Something I have been critical about Legends has been how they have handled the romance between Amaya and Nate. This episode the romance between the two really worked for me and I thought all of their interactions about music was very sweet and caring.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 15: Necromancing the Stone

With the news that if Legends of Tomorrow gets a season 4 John Constantine will be a series regular I have this to say, it’s about damn time. Constantine brings such a spark to this show and this episode was another example as of how. He interacted with two characters he’s never met before and blended perfectly with them especially with Gary, I hope their D&D session went well.

I also was a big fan of the visions the Death Totem made the team see. I thought the vision of Jesse was cool if a little bit underused but the visions of both Commander Steel and Zari’s brother were perfect and hit the emotional notes really well.

Another development I’m very excited for is Mick with the Fire Totem. Fire has been such an integeral part of Mick’s character and now that his heat gun is broken and he has unlocked these new powers it’s going to very interesting and hilarious to see how he learns to use them.

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