Talking TV 17: We Lose A Rebel

Talking TV 17: We Lose A Rebel

Star Wars Rebels delivers an absolute heartbreaker, Constantine causes some trouble, and Cayden James sets his plans into motion on this edition of Talking TV.

Arrow Season 6 Episode 13: The Devil’s Greatest Trick

I understand why they had to kill Cayden but I wish we could have gotten more of him. Michael Emerson was so great as Cayden and if it wasn’t him I don’t know if he would have been as sympathetic, fun, and threatening as he was. Hopefully, they find a way to expand his character off screen and Dragon can pick up the reigns left behind.

One of my biggest complaints from this entire season has been the portrayal of Dragon. I thought he was going to be the main villain of the season but he had been nothing more than a lackey until this week. We are finally getting the Dragon from the comics I wanted and the build-up with him as given his character so much potential.

My big problem with this episode was the dumb character choices from Dinah and William. Both of those characters made decisions only for plot purposes and any rational human being would know to set aside a vendetta to save a city or to not run right into danger just cause your father is there.

Flash Season 4 Episode 13: True Colors

Way to go Ralph! That was a fantastic plan and the best part about it was that we got to see the original DeVoe actor Neil Sandilands. Even in his limited screen time this episode Neil was fantastic and proved why he has been the best of the three actors we’ve seen as DeVoe.

One of the most surprising aspects of this episode was all of the development given to Becky. She had so much to do this episode and of all the villains Barry escaped with she was given the most focused and was the most three dimensional.

Unfortunately, DeVoe took control of her body while dealing away with Dominic. I don’t understand why he keeps doing this and Becky while a good choice to steal powers from isn’t as talented as the original actor.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 10: Daddy Darhkest

Coming out of this episode I have one huge takeaway…when will John Constantine join the cast of Legends full time. He was the best part of this episode and fit seamlessly into the cast. His chemistry with Sara was off the charts and his small interactions with Ray and Snart were great. Hopefully, they find a way to bring Constantine in full-time next season cause man did he fit in perfectly.

In bringing in Constantine, Legends got the chance to add some horror elements to this episode and it worked really well. This episode was very creepy with all of the exorcism stuff and even though I normally don’t like horror stuff it worked for me. The scene where Nora slams her head on the table worked perfectly.

My only problem with this episode was that Leo leaving the Waverider felt forced and out of nowhere. If Snart was going to leave the team I would’ve thought he’d go out with a bang not with a whimper like he did here.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 11: Here I Go Again

Legends just keeps pumping out these awesome episodes that no matter what they do or where they are it’s always fun. This episode was an absolute blast as it riffed on Groundhogs Day. So much of this episode was just fun goofing off and I loved every minute of it.

The strongest aspect of this episode was the performance Tala Ashe. She portrayed all aspects of Zari perfectly. Whenever a scene of her having fun came around she nailed it but she also nailed all of the emotional moments especially her telling the team how much she loves them before her “death”.

My only issue is that they are retreading the Nate and Amaya stuff. I thought we were done with this relationship but Legends keeps putting it back on. It just feels like we went through all of this last season and I don’t think it’s necessary

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Episode 10: Jedi Night

Boy, was this an emotional episode. Everything leading up to Kanan’s death was great but my main takeaway was everything involving Kanan. His last stand was absolutely incredible. Every detail from the beginning of the episode came back perfectly and it ended on the perfect note of Kanan’s sight return to see if protege and love one last time.

This was by far the best performance yet from Freddie Prinze Jr. From the beginning of the episode, he conveyed that he knew he going to die and he accepted it. The sadness in his voice as he said goodbye to all of his family was tragic and I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Kanan in canon.

What tied the entire episode together though was the beautiful music from Kevin Kiner. Beginning with the fantastic music that set up the gliders and ending with some of the most emotional and haunting music in all of Star Wars, it was perfect.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Episode 11: Dume

This episode was mainly fallout from Kanan’s death. Zeb and Sabine dealt with their grief by fighting Rukh. I loved how they brought in the Rukh’s invisible ability from the old Thrawn trilogy into effect. It was surprisingly emotional when Zeb tried to end Rukh and I loved that moment but I think just letting him go was a dumb choice.

Another great scene in this episode was when Thrawn absolutely destroyed Governor Pryce. Having Thrawn threaten and berate her for her poor decision in blowing up the fuel was immensely satisfying and was a great character moment from Thrawn.

The last episode had a standout performance from Freddie Prinze Jr and this week it was Vanessa Marshall who slayed every scene of Hera grieving. The sadness in her voice as she dealt with Kanan’s death followed by the hope he gave her was so beautiful.

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 13: Both Sides Now

This episode had some great moments plagued by Alex’s unnecessary behavior. Either I missed an explanation of why Alex was so angry or it came completely out of nowhere. I also felt like it wrapped up too quickly and left a lot to be desired.

I really enjoyed this new Worldkiller, Julia. Her struggle was very interesting and I loved seeing her constatnly fighting with her programming. The way they handled the programming worked really well and I hope they do something similar with Reign later this season.

Lastly, I really loved that final scene between Sam and Lena. It was a perfect example of each characters strengths on display and gave both characters a shifting power dynamic that really made the scene work.

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