Talking TV 16: The Midseason Slog

Talking TV 16: The Midseason Slog

Flash and Arrow hit the midseason lull, Supergirl has a great filler episode and SHIELD finishes off its first pod on this edition of Talking TV.

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 10: Past Life

It was a little moment in this weeks episode but it made me infinitely more excited for the second half of the season. That moment was when Fitz went full Hydra-Fitz and decapitated the three Krees. It was so cool seeing that in the background and when it finally happened it was glorious it’ll also lead to conflict with Jemma in the future.

Yoyo meeting Yoyo finally gave some answers to the time travel issue. It was a very cool way of explaining how the world changes and gives one of our characters a leg up to change the future.

Clark Gregg has always been great on this show but this week he gave one of my favorite performances. His desperation was evident even before we found out he was dying and it’s because of the job Clark did. Coulson’s injury also allows for some high stakes for the next pod and I’m excited to see what happens.

Arrow Season 6 Episode 12: All For Nothing

Last week I complained about what they were doing with Vigilante’s story and how the potential was gone, it seems the writers agreed and now Vigilante is dead. They spent so much time building up Vigilante last season only to waste him this season.

Vigilante being in danger allowed for Dinah to do some dumb things. Her “I have to save Vincent instead of saving the entire city” was incredibly stupid and I can’t believe that Rene and Curtis took her side in this. I like how the new team is getting more of a focus but I wish that they were being better written.

My favorite storyline this week was everything with Lance and Laurel. The scene where he traps Laurel and shows her the photos of his Laurel was great. I also loved the hesitation from Laurel as she killed Vigilante which was one of my favorite kills in the Arrowverse.

Flash Season 4 Episode 12: Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash

When Barry went to prison I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I have and I think a big part of it has been because of Big Sir. There is something about him that I really like but I can’t put my finger on it. Bill Goldberg did a great job with this role and now that he is gone I worried about the prison storyline.

Cecile isn’t a character who gets a lot to do on the show so seeing her take a more active role was cool. All of her scenes were a lot of fun and her new powers led to many hilarious reactions from Joe.

Was it just me or did Harry’s plot of not believing in himself come out of nowhere? It didn’t get nearly enough time to develop and it because of it the ending was very rushed. This had the potential to be a great arc but they faltered¬†it.

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 12: For Good

This episode seemed filler at first but I really enjoyed everything that happened. First, we had the return of Morgan Edge. With the focus on Reign lately, we haven’t had a really hatable villain so seeing Edge was great fun for me because man do I love to hate that guy. I hope he finds a way out of prison soon.

Lena had a very strong episode with the return of her mother. Whenever Lillian appears it brings out the best in Lena and I loved all of her scenes post meeting her mom especially the monologue about her strengths to Kara.

Lastly, seeing Lex’s warsuit in action was incredible. I wasn’t a huge fan of the mask and how they turned it into an Iron Man suit but all of the gimmicks that the suit had in battle made for a very entertaining fight scene.

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