Talking TV #13: The Punisher Hurts My Eyes

Talking TV #13: The Punisher Hurts My Eyes

Punisher sets a new standard for brutality and the gangs back together on SHIELD, on this edition of Talking TV

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 6: Fun & Games

Two episodes ago I praised the acting of Henry Simmons as Mack but this week belonged to Iain DeCaestecker. He has always been my favorite actor on the show and this week he showed his range. In one scene he would play his hard and gruff bounty hunter persona and then in the next he was the soft kind Fitz we know. I’m glad he’s back.

Another great thing about this episode was the extended introduction of Flint and his relationship with Yoyo. Yoyo hasn’t had all that much to do and by forming a bond with an important new character I’m very excited to see where it takes her.

The big downside of this episode was all of the¬†easy deaths. Kasius, Tess, and Grill were all characters I wanted to know more about and they wasted each character and in Tess’s case were killed off-screen. Each of these characters had more to contribute and I’m going to miss them.

7.6 out of 10

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 7: Together or Not at All

Well, I was wrong. I thought Kasius was dead and was very disappointed that he was dead but alas I was wrong. I’m glad because Kasius was my favorite part of the episode. In last weeks post, I talked about how I wanted more depth from Kasius and this week delivered. His story of going against his family made me root for him and I’m wondering if it’s possible that our heroes team up with him to defeat his family.

We also had a good amount of Deke this week and he delivered. All of his scenes were a lot of fun and I’m loving how everyone distrusts him. Now that he has joined the team on Earth I’m wondering how he will fit into the story.

My least favorite part of the episode was Mack and Yoyo splitting from the group. I understand why they did because they are the new paternal figures for Flint but we barely know him. If we had known Flint for the entire season then it might have worked¬†better but we’ve only known him for an episode.

8.5 out of 10

Punisher Episode 11: Danger Close

When Frank put the skull back on I got so excited for what was coming and it did not disappoint. That fight scene was the capsulation of everything the Punisher is and was absolutely perfect and it capped off with one of the best Billy-Frank conversations yet.

I also really enjoyed seeing Micro’s daughter interact with Frank and Micro. The relationship with Micro and his daughter was really sweet and seeing Micro get a win was something I sorely needed. I also loved seeing his daughter reunite with Frank and being scared now that she knows what he really is.

My biggest problem with this episode and this season so far has been the lack of Rollins. He has been built up as this terrifying presence but I feel like he is wasted. Now that the season is ending Rollins needs to be more involved with the story.

8.3 out of 10

Punisher Episode 12: Home

Man, this show is brutal. Rollins death and the interrogation of Frank is one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever seen and it was so captivating that I couldn’t look away even though I wanted to. People have been complaining that this crossed the line but those people don’t know what the Punisher is. He is one of the most violent characters in comics and he needs to be its central to his story and this show gets that.

Jon Bernthal was so tragic in this episode. Every single one of his scenes with his wife and his children was heartbreaking and the way he acted Frank’s rage was terrifying. His scene where his wife tells him to choose between life and death might have been on par with the famous graveyard scene from Daredevil.

I also really loved Billy in this episode and how he wasn’t the grunt that Rollins believed him to be. It was neat seeing Billy and Frank team up one last time to finish Rollins. Billy’s final line of “I just love watching you work Frank” was a perfect capper to this episode. An amazing line from a great villain.

9.6 out of 10

Punisher Episode 13: Memento Mori

This was a fantastic finale so let me get my complaint out of the way, Dinah was so dumb and pointless in this episode. It made absolutely no sense why she was out in the field during Frank and Billy’s fight and it reeked of forced writing.

Other than that this episode was fantastic. Billy and Frank’s final confrontation was fantastic. It was incredibly brutal, well acted, and well choreographed. Setting it up with the reveal that Billy spent time with Frank’s family the day they died was a perfect capper to this season that ended where the Punisher began.

I’ve praised Jon Bernthal all season but this time I’m giving praise to Ben Barnes. When it was revealed that Billy was a villain I wasn’t sure that Barnes could pull of this character but he was great. He was a fantastic villain just under Kingpin and Killgrave. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Billy in the future seasons of Punisher.

9 out of 10

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