Talking TV #11: Mid Season Finales

Talking TV #11: Mid Season Finales

All the CW shows hit their mid-season break as well as Walking Dead while the Marvel shows keep chugging along on this edition of Talking TV.

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 3: A Life Spent

I’m still missing Fitz but SHIELD is capitalizing on his absence by introducing some really interesting new characters. I’ve already talked about my interest in Kasius, but I’m also really enjoying Tess, Grill, and the Kree that controls the metal balls. All of these characters are getting screen time because Fitz isn’t around and even though I miss Fitz I’m liking where this is going.

The character that has me most interested is Grill. I just want to know what this guy is about. How did he come into power, what is his relationship with the Kree like, and what does he do when he isn’t working. He just interests me and his conflict with the SHIELD team is driving my interest in this season.

Something you can always count on with SHIELD is some beautifully shot action sequences. Daisy’s fight in the corridor was fantastic and has some great angles that SHIELD doesn’t use very often. They also did a great job showing Abby’s power set was in her fight scene.

8.6 out of 10

Arrow Season 6 Episode 9: Irreconcilable Differences

One of my problems with this season of Arrow has been the lack of focus on Renee. Of all of the newer characters to Arrow Renee was my favorite and while Dinah and Curtis have gotten major storylines this season Renee has not. I just like seeing more of Renee and hope that after being kicked off the team we get some sort of storyline from Renee that doesn’t involve the team.

This episode also marked the debut of the new villain team that Team Arrow is going up against. Legends of Tomorrow proved that having a villain team is a great way to raise the stakes and this villain team looks threatening. This also leads perfectly for the team to reform because there’s no way Oliver can defeat all of these villains alone.

A big problem for me was all of the relationship drama at the beginning of the episode. It was just too much and went on way too long. I don’t watch Arrow to see 10 minutes of a wedding reception I don’t have stakes in I watch Arrow for the relationships in the field of battle.

9 out of 10

Flash Season 4 Episode 9: Don’t Run

This was a great episode to end the season on and it stems from the Thinker. I’ve been loving everything about the Thinker so far and his conversations with Barry this episode were fantastic. The cat and mouse game that they have been playing is really working. They have a great dynamic and the final gambit by DeVoe is going to lead to a very interesting second half of the season.

I also really enjoyed Caitlin’s little side story about her being overshadowed by Killer Frost. This season has been the best season for Killer Frost yet but it is good to know that the show understands that she works best when there is a balance between the two personalities.

My big issue with this episode was the throwing away of the Thinkers actor. Neil Sandilands has been fantastic in the role but they ditch him in favor of the new actor who played Brainstorm. This actor did a fine job as Brainstorm but he didn’t sell me as the Thinker like Sandilands did.

9.1 out of 10

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 9: Beebo the God of War

Legends of Tomorrow has always been the most fun of all the Arrowverse shows and this episode was a perfect example why. It was absolutely hilarious how the team dealt with Beebo and provided a constant source of humor throughout the episode.

This is also the first extended episode with Leo Snart and Rory. This Snart is completely different from the one that Rory had partnered with and it shows in their interactions. We also learn that Rory is completely different from the one Snart knew. Now that they are together I can’t wait to see how the dynamic between the two changes going forward.

Unfortunately, this was also the final episode for Jax. Jax has been one of my favorite characters in this show and it makes sense that he has to find himself without his other half. It was a great send off to him and I hope to see him return sometime later this season.

9.4 out of 10

Punisher Episode 7 Crosshairs

Another great episode of Punisher is in the book and was headed by an awesome fight scene between Billy and Frank. It worked really well by showing how evenly matched the two are and had some cool tactics. The two matching wits in the smoke by changing tactics was really cool to see and set up a tense few minutes.

A major surprise for this series so far has been the portrayal of PTSD through Lewis. This episode, in particular, had some tense Lewis stuff and also had an amazing scene with his father. The speech that he gave to Lewis was very emotional and I’m very curious to see where his story goes from here.

8.7 out of 10

Punisher Episode 8 Cold Steel

That scene at the beginning of the episode between Billy and his mom stole the show for me. Billy took all of the charms he’s had throughout the series and turned it into pure scorn and hate for his mother in an amazing monologue. In this scene and the scene where he kills Sam, Ben Barnes proved he has what it takes to be the main villain and I’m so excited to see what Billy does next.

This was also a surprisingly funny episode with much of the humor coming from drunk Micro. He was so sincere in all of his drunk stammering and led to some great interactions between him and Frank. It even led to Frank making some funny comments which are always welcome.

My major downside to this episode was the Frank and Sarah stuff. It feels like manufactured drama just to keep them in the story and I feel it has no real point. Obviously, Micro is going to see his family again but the story of his family is not interesting without him.

8 out of 10

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9: Reign

One of my favorite parts of the season so far has been the mother-daughter relationship between Sam and Ruby but tonight I’ve had enough. Every single episode they have the same conversation about how Sam seems to be ignoring her in favor of work and I’m sick of it.

Other than that this was a great episode and probably the best shot episode of Supergirl yet. All the fight scenes were shot differently than usual and it was very dynamic. I especially enjoyed seeing the fight with Reign and the gang members being shot from the perspective of Reign.

Lastly, I’m not normally a huge fan of the relationship drama but the conflict between Kara and Mon-El is very real. I completely understand where both of them are coming from and I really feel for Kara in this situation. The way that Supergirl looks at Mon-El makes me feel awful for her.

8.8 out of 10

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 8: How It’s Gotta Be

As a huge fan of the Walking Dead comic, I was originally not very happy when they revealed that Carl was bitten. He is my favorite character in the comic and the show had a lot of stories left to tell with his character. Even with all of that this might be the spark that Walking Dead needs to get back to where it was. Hopefully, I’m right and this helps the show and not hinder it.

If this is Carl’s last episode it was a fantastic way for him to go out. This was his episode and it showed with all of the focus on him. Not surprisingly to anyone the best scene of this episode was the scene between Negan and Carl. It was full of the humor and drama that is expected in a Negan-Carl scene but also gave Negan some humanity.

Unfortunately, there were multiple problems with this episode the biggest being the lack of Rick. This is his show and he has not had the presence he deserves these last few episodes. Especially in a huge episode such as this Rick should’ve had a larger part. A lot of other stuff in this episode could have been cut including all of the Enid-Aaron story.

6.8 out of 10

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