Talking TV #10: Crossover Week

Talking TV #10: Crossover Week

The CW delivers its best crossover yet, SHIELD returns, and Punisher goes guerilla on this edition of Talking TV.

Disclaimer: I apologize for the lateness of this post I’m currently going through finals week and it’s been super stressful. Next weeks post will probably be late as well.

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episodes 1&2: Orientation

Agents of SHIELD is back and after watching Inhumans I couldn’t be happier. This episode was great and my favorite part of the episode was the situation the audience was put in. We didn’t know anything about what was happening so it put us in the same situation as the characters. It made us feel like the characters and made us ask what we would do in that situation.

Another great thing about this episode was our new villain Kasius. This guy was so creepy and gave me some heavy Professor Pyg vibes. His wanting all of his servants to be perfect in every way imaginable does. I don’t know exactly what his role is going to be for the rest of the season but I am already scared of him.

My only issue with this episode was the lack of Fitz. Fitz is my favorite character on the show and while I understand why they left him behind I still want to see him. I just hope that because he isn’t in the future that his presence on the show isn’t diminished.

9.3 out of 10

Arrow Season 6 Episode 8: Crisis on Earth X Part 2

After the incredible first episode of the crossover, the next installment was always going to be a bit of a letdown. It was still great but I was hoping for more after the first episode. One of my biggest problems was the reveal of Prometheus. When it was revealed that Earth X Prometheus was Tommy I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see what his role would be…and then he killed himself. This was something the fans have wanted for a long time and it was taken from us too quickly. In his one short scene, Colin Donnell killed it as evil Tommy and Stephen Amell really sold his sadness in seeing his friend.

My favorite part of this episode was seeing Tom Cavanagh back as Reverse Flash. I love Matt Lescher as Thawne but there’s something special about seeing Tom back as Thawne. He is so menacing and gleeful in the amount of pain he is causing others. I’m really curious to see if we’ll see more of the relationship between the Earth X doppelgangers because that has some real potential for drama.

8 out of 10

Flash Season 4 Episode 8: Crisis on Earth X Part 3

Leonard Snart has returned and I have missed him so much. Seeing this new version of Snart is really interesting and seeing what the others reactions to him was a real highlight this episode. I also liked the touch of this Snart being gay as Wentworth Miller is also gay. I’m really curious to see what Mick’s reaction to Snart is and if he sticks around.

Another thing I really liked about this episode was Earth X Quentin Lance. His character was very intimidating and his scene with Sara was really well done. I also liked how he wasn’t just a dumb grunt and suspected that it was doppelganger Oliver. It also reminded me of his character from Battlefront II, Gideon Hask and I wanted more from him in the game.

One of the biggest surprises of the episode was that Red Tornado was the resistances secret weapon. Red Tornado is one of my favorite underused DC characters so when he showed up I was so excited. It was really disappointing that he was just used as a grunt and barely got to show off his powers.

9 out 10

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 8: Crisis on Earth X Part 4

This was an incredibly emotional episode due to the death of Stein. Jax and Stein’s final scene was an incredible scene that was brilliantly acted by both Victor Garber and Franz Drameh. Stein’s death impacted many of the characters this week and it was a great send off to Victor Garber and Martin Stein.

The fight scenes in this episode were the best since the first episode and had some great individual moments. The Arrow vs Arrow fight was awesome and had some good choreography while the Supergirl vs Supergirl fight brought the spectacle. The highlight though was Flash vs Reverse Flash. That fight combined spectacle and choreography and was probably my favorite fight for the Flash yet.

My big problem with this episode was that the Oliver and Felicity wedding felt forced. It just came out of nowhere and felt very inconsiderate of Oliver and Felicity to interrupt Barry and Iris’s wedding.

8.7 out of 10

Punisher Episode 5: Gunner

This was another strong episode for the Punisher and delivered some of the best Homeland scenes yet. One of my favorite aspects of this episode was the cross-examination of Sam and Dinah. It was just a very interesting look at how homeland agents do their jobs and also really strengthened the bonds between the two of them.

My favorite part of the episode though was Frank and Gunner’s fight in the woods. It was extremely brutal and showed a different aspect of Frank’s fighting with a more guerilla style. It was also really cool to see Micro guiding Frank in this fight and building the trust between the two.

8.8 out of 10

Punisher Episode 6: The Judas Goat

I knew Billy was too good to be true. Well, now that Billy is one of the main villains on this show I’m very interested to see what he does. There is so much potential for his character and the relationships he has with Agent Orange, Dinah, and Frank.

The use of imagery in this show is so harsh but it works perfectly for the Punisher. the opening dream was absolutely haunting and fixing Frank’s wound was the perfect amount of gross.

The best scene of this episode though was the scene with Louis and the police officer. Most shows wouldn’t dare portray the police in this kind of light but Punisher went for it and delivered a very hard to watch scene showcasing how some cops abuse their power.


8.8 out of 10

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 8: Crisis on Earth X Part 1

This is how you start a crossover! This episode was an absolute blast and had some incredible moments. Something that is often overlooked is how the CW shows use music. This episode has some incredible uses of music with all of the heroes themes being placed into the episode.

The fights in this episode were amazing and so creative. Seeing Wally catching bullets and then throwing them back into the gun was awesome and Killer Frost making her hands into ice swords was so cool. I wish that Legends, Supergirl, and Flash would take notes from this crossover and make some more creative uses of powers.

Lastly, the comedy in this episode was hilarious. Alex’s interactions with Sara were fantastic and were a constant source of humor. Another fantastic moment was Mick interacting with the police chief. The comedy was a major part of this episode and if this level of humor continues I would be so happy.

9.5 out of 10

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7: Time For After

Let me get the negative out of the way, the trash people are not working. Nothing is interesting about their characters and they are just annoying. I don’t even understand why Rick needs them, he proved that they are awful fighters by taking out 5 with his hands tied. I just don’t understand why they are a factor.

After weeks of waiting the plot actually moved forward this week. The sanctuary’s doors being opened, Eugene confronting Dwight, and Rick gaining the trash people as allies. All of these are important to the story moving forward I just wish it had happened sooner.

We had a lot of Eugene this week and it gave a chance for Josh McDermitt to show off. He did a fantastic job of showing all the different layers of Eugene. In one scene he would play the coward being afraid of everyone and in the next, he would be calm, cool, and collected. It was a great episode for Eugene and he’s without a doubt one of the most interesting characters moving forward.


7.8 out of 10

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