Supergirl: Distant Sun Review

On this week’s episode of  Supergirl, Mon-El’s mother takes matters into her own hands.

Someone has placed a bounty on Supergirl’s head and Mon-El suspects his parents. Meanwhile, Alex meets Maggie’s ex-girlfriend and uncovers something Maggie has been hiding.


This week’s episode was great especially the main plot. The main plot for this episode is a bounty is placed on Kara by Rhea and Mon-El’s attempts to get the bounty revoked.

This is the most excited I’ve been about Supergirl since Superman’s appearance in the Season 2 premiere. I feel like this is the first time I’ve actually been invested in a villain in Supergirl and I hope that they put the Cadmus arc on the back burner in favor of the Daxamite arc.

Last week I commended Tari Hatcher for her performance as Rhea and while she was great this week as well I’m going to highlight Kevin Sorbo as Lar Gand. In his appearance last week I thought Lar Gand was quite one note but he really formed an interesting character.

In his appearance last week I thought Lar Gand was quite one note but he really formed an interesting character. I really enjoyed the little arc he had and was disappointed to see him killed off, but understand why they did it.

The subplot this week involved Alex meeting Maggie’s ex-girlfriend and learning an unfortunate secret Maggie is holding.

This plot dragged a little in the beginning but I enjoyed where they went with it. The highlight of this plot was how understanding Alex was. She did not overreact once she learned that Maggie has cheated on other girlfriends. Alex told her that she doesn’t have to hide things from her and understood that Maggie is not that person anymore and accepted her for it.

All of the stuff with Mon-El’s family was fantastic this week. Both Sorbo and Hatcher were fantastic and really set up some interesting conflicts for the rest of the season. My only downside was I felt like the beginning to the Maggie and Alex story felt out of place. Even with that complaint, the final scene between them was enough to turn that plot around. 8.9 out of 10

Additional Thoughts

I was on fire with my predictions this week.

Man do I hate Rhea. Hatcher is doing such a great job at being unlikable.

Two great pop culture references this week with League of Their Own and “Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper.”

My least favorite part of this show is the under powering of Martian Manhunter. This is a guy who has the powers of Plastic Man, Professor X, and Mystique, he should be able to defeat five guards.

The President is totally a Durlan. The second Mon-El mentioned the Durlans I instantly thought that was who Lynda Carter was playing.

Comic Connections: The Durlans are a race of alien shapeshifters. They are not a well-known race in the DCU but had a recent story in which they infiltrated the Green Lantern Corps. Before infiltrating the Corps they kidnapped one of the GLC’s most powerful members, Sodam Yat. Sodam Yat is the main Daxamite character in the DCU other than Mon-El.

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