STL Hat Trick’s TeePublic Store

STL Hat Trick’s TeePublic Store

In an effort to help keep the site running, STL Hat Trick is now offering T-Shirts and other products via their own TeePublic store.

We are making an effort to help pay for the expenses of this blog, we are now offering t-shirts and other goodies via a TeePublic store. What is TeePublic you may ask? TeePublic is an amazing website that helps small blogs and designers like us develop products for our audiences. They make and ship all of the products while we offer up the designs.

There are all kinds of t-shirts on the awesome site and it’s a great option for blogs and designers alike. The hope is that the profits from these sales will help offset the cost that it takes to keep this blog running. It is also a fun little project for myself as I love to come up with cool designs and love t-shirts.

As our store is in its infancy, we have five designs up. The first design is our logo. As you may be able to tell, the logo is the perfect representation of what our blog stands for and covers. It has comic book text and a superhero shield with hockey sticks and a baseball. in the background.

We also have three unique designs with the St. Louis skyline in the background. We have a Flash design, a Spider-Man design, and a Star Wars Rebellion style design as well. More designs will come with time. I also developed a coo Solo: A Star Wars Story design with Han Solo and one of his famous quotes. I will be working on some cool St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues designs coming soon. However, I wanted to get the word out and let you the reader know that we are developing these really cool products.

The unique thing about TeePublic is that the prices are very affordable and the products that you can develop are really cool. I love the coffee mugs, the pillows, phone cases, as well as the clothing designs as well. It is really a unique way to get the word out about our brand and to offset the costs of running a blog.

I really hope that you enjoy these designs and help us out by making a purchase. If you have a design request, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter. Please share this with your friends and family! If you don’t already, please consider following us on social media!

If you are a fellow blogger or designer and you would like to start your own TeePublic store, you can do so here!

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