STL Hat Trick

STL Hat Trick

Welcome to the unveiling of STL Hat Trick, your source for everything St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues and Movies.

Welcome one welcome all to STL Hat Trick. You have arrived at the result of something that I have been pondering about for sometime. During my time as editor for Redbird Rants and Bleedin’ Blue of the Fansided network, I knew that at one point and time it was going to come time to take my talents into my own realm of the Internet.

A realm in which I can be a little more creative with the content and direction of a site. A site dedicated to bringing information about my two favorite teams in the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues.

When thinking about a name for the site, I had one that I simply couldn’t shake. It was STL Hat Trick. For whatever reason, it just stuck with me. However, as I was discussing this, I knew I had to add a third element to the site. As I was thinking, I figured the perfect element would be movies. I love movies, especially comic book and sci-fi type movies, so adding that element to the site will be a lot of fun.

So, what can you expect out of this place moving forward? You can expect me to bring high quality analysis, news, interviews, and breakdowns of all things Cardinals and Blues as well as movies like Star Wars, the MCU movies, and maybe even the occasional Disney flick my wife drags me to. The point is, you can come to expect content here and not just fluff “clickbait” pieces like some other sites put out there.

My goal is to bring you the same quality of content that I did when I was doing so with Fansided. Not only that, but I want this to also be a place where aspiring writers come to cut their teeth.

Now you may be sitting there and wondering how you can help. If that’s the case, you are an awesome person and I want to shake your hand. Here are a few things that I need. First, I need a team of writers, so if you or a person you know are interested in writing, please reach out to me on here or on social media.

Second, if you or anyone you know are at all experienced in graphic design, we are in need of a logo. I tried to create one and simply did not do so great. So, if you can help out in that respect, I would greatly appreciate it.

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