STL Hat Trick St. Louis Cardinals Podcast: Episode 104

STL Hat Trick St. Louis Cardinals Podcast: Episode 104

As another week in Major League Baseball has passed us by, it’s time to update our St. Louis Cardinals Podcast and cover everything we know about the team.

Another STL Hat Trick St. Louis Cardinals Podcast is in the books. We cover what we experienced last weekend for UCB Weekend and some of what we learned from John Mozeliak and Bill Dewitt III.

We also discussed some the happenings with the team currently. Notably, the concern of Marcell Ozuna was brought up. Among other things, we also covered our thoughts on the bullpen and it’s performance so far.

At the tail end, we even sprinkled in a little Infinity War coverage as well, as the movie will be releasing later tonight. I simply cannot wait for this movie, here is our piece on the preview and rumors out there.

I highly suggest you check out our podcast on iTunes, YouTube, or even Whatever method works best for you, would love to hear your opinions. If there is something that you feel we could get better at, simply let us know. Is there something you would like to cover next week, let us know in the comments section below.

Now, that we have the kinks worked out on the podcast, we will be venturing out to other areas to share our podcast. Where do you usually listen to podcasts? Let us know and we will try and get our podcasts up on that forum.

As always, thanks for reading, watching, and or listening. Have a great day, Cardinals’ fans!

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