STL Hat Trick St. Louis Cardinals Lock Screens

STL Hat Trick St. Louis Cardinals Lock Screens

One of my favorite things about the St. Louis Cardinals season is seeing the different Cardinals lock screens that people create. There have been some pretty awesome ones created and shared on twitter and it just has always been something that I enjoyed and was inspired by.

The other day I was reading through twitter and saw some of my favorite Cardinals‘ lock screens, and I had a fun thought. The thought was that I wanted to create some custom lock screens for myself as well as to share with you the reader. Now, in true STL Hat Trick style, these couldn’t just be your average Cardinals’ lock screens with a player and the schedule.

No, I had to make it unique to our site. So, what I did is I took a picture of a character from the previously released Infinity War and slapped a schedule on there while also doing a little sprucing up of the background. The result was a pretty cool looking lock screen that I could share with you guys.

I decided to expand quite a bit on this and create more than that. So, I decided to do more Infinity War characters, some characters from Solo: a Star Wars Story and of course everyone’s favorite, Deadpool. Below, I will be pasting the images in all their glory. Feel free to download these and share them with your followers and friends.

Let me know if you like them or if you would do anything different. I truly enjoyed working on these and hope that you enjoyed them. If you have some requests for next month let me know and I will be sure to try and get one made!


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