Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Reaction

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Reaction

We finally have our second trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi and it’s time you get our opinion on this trailer.

First off, I want to say that I am absolutely excited for this incredible Star Wars movie. The trailer hyped me up a lot for this movie. It was one of the best trailers I have ever seen for any movie. Not only was it packed with some awesome action, it also had the perfect amount of curiosity and drama as well.

I want to really break down this trailer and tell you what my thoughts and predictions for the movie are. I will break this into four parts for you to make it flow a little better.

Part I

The first part of this trailer is where come into contact immediately with the voice of Supreme Leader Snoke. Snoke is talking to someone about the time he first came into contact with that person. Snoke mentions, “When I first found you, I saw raw, untamed power, and beyond that something truly special”. We are immediately shown Rey igniting Anakin’s lightsaber after that. The connection between Rey and Snoke here is quite interesting if you draw that angle.

However, the interesting thing is the words “When I first found you”. According to everything we know, this sounds more likely to be pointed towards Kylo Ren. Given that this is supposed to come right after the events of TFA (The Force Awakens), it could be Kylo Ren’s training completion that was mentioned towards the end of the movie.

However, there still is a chance with what we know about the rest of the trailer that it actually is something that is pointed towards Rey. If that is the case, there is something that Snoke knows about Rey that we don’t quite know yet.

Part II

We are then met with the view of Rey completing her task of finding Luke and handing him his father’s lightsaber. Rey’s voice then tells us that there is something inside of her (the force) has always been there. She then references the awakening of her force sensitivity and stating that she needs help. This statement is key and I want to bring it back in at the end of my reaction.

After seeing Rey training with a lightsaber, Luke utters a very odd quote coming from a Jedi Knight who has been the most powerful force user for some time. Luke says “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before and it didn’t scare me then but it does now”.

I believe that there are two ways we can take this phrase. The first is obvious, Luke senses the power of the force inside of Rey and is comparing it to what was inside of Kylo (Ben Solo). Due to this he is reluctant to further train Rey in the force in fear that she will then turn to the dark side like Kylo did before.

The other side is something that I heard somewhere else earlier in the week. This theory states that Luke is not, in fact, talking about Rey or is at all reluctant to train Rey. Instead, this is Luke trying to make Rey understand the power they are up against. This is much akin to the way Yoda warned Luke about facing Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back.

Both of these are very good theories. I hope Rian Johnson stays away from the second side of things as that as way too much of a parallel to Empire Strikes Back and with the TFA parallels to ANH (A New Hope) it won’t be a good look.

Part III

Here we have a scene that I believe is a huge piece of misdirection. We are given a very in-depth 30-second “Kylo Trailer”. This is started with a voice over of Kylo saying “Let the past die…kill it if you have to”. We then see Kylo smashing his signature helmet and mask. This probably precedes the smashed mask that we see in the teaser trailer that we got during Star Wars Celebration“.

We are then introduced to a scene with Kylo Ren in his Tie Silencer as he leads an assault on a resistance ship. During this scene, we actually see cutaways to Leia with Kylo aiming for the ship’s cockpit area with some struggle. This looks as if he may be killing his mother (Leia).

There’s not really much else that you can gather from this scene. It is very well set up to make us assume that he is about to kill Leia. However, this is way too big of a spoiler for a trailer, especially for this movie. There simply doesn’t seem like any way that this is possible. We will likely be dealt with some kind of send-off of Leia due to the untimely death of Carrie Fisher.

Part IV

This the homestretch of the trailer. The part with likely the most intrigue, action, and definitely the biggest potential bombshell of the whole trailer.

The action in this shot is incredible and the visuals are almost enough to make me want to go and see this movie in IMAX as this is going to be an incredible audio/visual show. I loved the space battle and loved seeing Poe Dameron’s new X-Wing. Seeing Finn go up against Captain Phasma was pretty amazing as well.

The next twenty seconds were fascinating. First, we see Leia on some kind of base and then immediately see Rey in maybe some kind of training exercise with Luke. Luke then mentions that “this is not going to go the way that you think,” I kind of see this as more warning to Rey regarding her eagerness to take on the First Order on her own.

We then see the scene with Supreme Leader Snoke and Rey. Snoke is torturing her in a way and we hear him say “fulfill your destiny”, something we once heard Palpatine say. This is fascinating as it once again implies that he knows something that we don’t about Rey. The neat thing about this part is that we can tell that this is in Snoke’s “throne room” as you can see the Praetorian guards behind him. Side note, I really hope we see more of these guards in the movie.


Now, we have the most intriguing and easily the most jaw-dropping part of the whole trailer. We hear the voice of Rey say “I need someone” and then she comes on screen and finishes her sentence “to show me my place in all this”. After this we see what throws us all for a loop, we are shown a scene with Kylo who looks for a second and then holds out his hand.

Immediately I was shocked when I saw this scene. My wife kept saying “No. No. No.” and I was just sitting there trying to digest what I had just seen. Initially, we drew the conclusion that Rey was going to turn to the dark side due to Luke not wanting her to train her. She was looking at Kylo for the training that he talked about when they fought.

If one pays attention to the scene, it looks as if they are two different scenes that are spliced together. Plus, as many other Star Wars fans have pointed out, Rey is wearing what looks to be her outfit that she is wearing on Ach To when she is training with Luke. So, it doesn’t appear to be what we think; it appears to be a bit of misdirection yet again.

Again, if this is to be true, this trailer has revealed way too much. Trailers are designed to be the “hype train” for films and to compel people to see a film. Obviously, there’s not much that needs to be done to hype someone like myself.  However, this may compel a more casual fan to go see the movie who only saw TFA on DVD.

Final Reaction

Overall, I really like this trailer and am loving the intrigue it gives to this movie. I cannot wait to see this movie and cannot wait to share my reaction with you, my readers. I hope you enjoyed my reaction/review. If you are interested in more coverage on this trailer from me and others, you can give this awesome Star Wars podcast a listen.




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