Star Wars: The Last Jedi Confuses, Excites, and Surpises You

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Confuses, Excites, and Surpises You

Enough time has passed for the hardcore Star Wars fans to see The Last Jedi to where it is time to give you the fan a spoiler-laden review.

To start things off, I will place another warning to anyone reading this who has not seen the movie yet. This review will have major spoilers for the latest Star Wars movie The Last Jedi.

Wow, what a movie, what a blast. For the most part, I was completely wrong on my expectations for this movie, as were most. There were things that I saw that I want to share with you the reader, but instead of just posting one giant wall of text, I will separate this into three categories to make it a little easier to digest.


There were quite a bit of these moments throughout the movie. So, let’s get into the juicy details. First, I was kind of shocked at Luke’s reaction to Rey. Here we have at one time the most powerful force user in the galaxy unwilling to even listen to a visitor who needs his help. I was a little shocked that he went hermit on everyone in the galaxy because of one event. 

It was starting to take shape prior to the movie that Luke was on Ach-To gathering himself to take on the First Order. However, we got a Luke who was so disappointed in himself that he had run away. This was not the Luke I think we had all expected. Mark Hammil’s initial disagreement with the direction that Rian Johnson was going with his character now makes sense.

Second, “Leia used more than force intuition??”. Wow, this was an impressive scene and one that is sad in the same sense. We have been told that Episode 9 was going to be Leia’s movie before the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher. Were we going to get a combative force wielding Leia in Episode 9? We may never know now, unfortunately.

However, it was absolutely Impressive to see her float back into the ship via the force. Apparently, this is something that Kathleen Kennedy has been wanting to see for a long time.

Snoke’s death was without a doubt the most shocking part of the movie. My jaw dropped at that very moment, this had to be what it felt like to be in the theater to hear Vader tell Luke that he was his father. I still can’t wrap my mind around it. It was probably the biggest plot twist that anyone could have thought up.

I will commend Lucasfilm for absolutely going hype machine on Snoke. Prior to the movie, I think we were all hanging on every word Andy Serkis spoke to figure out what we didn’t know about him (which was practically everything). I will also say that it was a slight disappointment as I was getting to like the character and a Snoke/Luke showdown would have been epic.


As I sit here a couple weeks since I have seen the movie. I no longer have any confusion about the movie. It is fairly clear the direction that the writers and Rian Johnson wanted to go with this movie. As it has often been said, Kylo Ren’s “Let the past die, kill it if you have to” is the perfect phrase, to sum up, the direction of this new trilogy.

By introducing new characters and heroes, their aim is to have these characters shine. No longer is this a movie about the characters we once saw. In that light, it still seems a bit odd that we are approaching Episode IX with just one dark side force user. It has seemed that there was something building up with Snoke, but alas Kylo Ren has taken center stage as our main villain.

Excitement about what’s to come

We have a pretty exciting set up for Star Wars: Episode IX. We have a powerful Rey who has resisted Kylo Ren and helped the newfound Rebellion escape the First Order. Not only that, but there’s the possibility of a connection to the outer realms of the Star Wars galaxy. Not only do we have the Resistance reaching out to the outer rim but we were teased with the emergence of new force sensitive children.

We were also teased with the possibility of Rey potentially training up a new kind of Jedi, as she managed to come away with the ancient Jedi texts. When you couple this with the scene at the end of the movie, it definitely seems as if we have a slight inkling of the new Rian Johnson trilogy.

Wrap Up

I know that there was a lot of backlash regarding this movie. However, I genuinely enjoyed it. I thought it had the necessary exciting action that you need in a Star Wars film. Like a true Star Wars film, it left you with more questions than answers. Questions, that we will try to expound on and give life to here.

I can’t wait to see this movie again and most certainly will be purchasing the movie when it arrives on DVD. These are just my thoughts though, what were your thoughts on the movie? Let me know what you think in our comments section!

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