Star Wars: Why Rey is Not a Skywalker

Star Wars: Why Rey is Not a Skywalker

The most popular Star Wars fan theory topic since the end of The Force Awakens has been  Rey’s parentage.

Today, I want to come to you with my Star Wars theory. This theory is on how Rey is not going to wind up being the daughter of Luke Skywalker. This is a hard one to swallow as I thought all along during TFA that she was his daughter.

Over the past month or so, I have been consuming a ton of the new Star Wars canon. The canon has been vague on just what Luke Skywalker is doing in between ROTJ and TFA. We got some farfetched stories from Legends of Luke Skywalker and a sprinkling of information from Shattered Empire. We also got a little bit of information from the campaign mode of Star Wars Battlefront II.

However, there just isn’t much out there. I really do expect that we will get more information on Luke sometime soon. The one thing that we do know is that Luke sought out to explore anything relating to the old Jedi Order. His mission post-ROTJ was to create a new Jedi Order, fulfilling his promise to Yoda. 

Despite info on Luke’s journeys being scarce during this time, there is one thing that I am pretty sure of now. There is no way Luke got involved in a relationship to a point to where he would father a child with that person. The problem is it goes against everything we know about Luke and his mission at this time. Luke didn’t have the time to start a relationship, he was the last of the Jedi.

If you missed John Boyega’s interview the other day, he mentioned that Rey’s accent should have nothing to do with her parentage. This essentially put to bed the rumor that Rey is a Kenobi. Rey’s British accent in Star Wars usually means that person is from what they call a “Core World” like Coruscant. This means that Rey was not only abandoned on Jakku but sometime before that as well.

Assuming Boyega knows what he is talking about, it brings me to an idea. Rey would have had to have been abandoned by one of her parents at least and raised on a “Core World” until the time she is dropped off on Jakku.

Accents are generally something formed early on in childhood, as we mimic the way our parents and those around us say things. So, Rey had to have at the very least spent a good portion of her childhood on one of these “Core Worlds”.

While Luke does visit Coruscant in search of the “Force Tree” in “Shattered Empire”, I just don’t see him having a side chick while he is doing these things.

We are at nine days until Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and I can hardly contain my excitement. We know that we are likely to get some kind of reveal about Rey’s parentage in this movie. This is where we are likely to officially find out that she is not Luke Skywalker’s daughter. But, what do I know, I am just a blogger.

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May the Force be with you.


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