Star Wars Rebels Ties Up Nicely

Star Wars Rebels Ties Up Nicely

The time has come for Star Wars Rebels to end and while it is unfortunate what we are left with is an amazing addition to the Star Wars lore.

To say that I have enjoyed the last four years of Star Wars Rebels is partially a lie, as I first started watching the show in 2016 after I finally finished the Clone Wars on Netflix. However, that doesn’t change how much I absolutely enjoyed Star Wars Rebels.

In the beginning, I was wary of a show being on the “Disney Channel” being too kiddish. This couldn’t have been farther from the truth. While the series is animated and is presented on Disney XD, it was able to be family friendly and attractive to the adult fan base.

A Cast to Care About

One of the hardest things that Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm had to do with this show was to create a band of characters that were never present in any of the films. Not only that but they had to make them to where this hardcore group of fans would not only like them but follow them.

These were characters that nobody knew a thing about until the show aired. It was a big risk to not follow a group of characters that Star Wars fans were familiar with. It’s a risk that I think a lot of fans do not like that they have done in the movies.

However, I will say that this show would have been nowhere without the Kanan and Ezra’s relationship and leadership. It was them being Jedi that not only gave us confrontations and showdowns with Darth Vader and the Inquisitors but also created intrigue for the rest of the Star Wars franchise.

Regardless, the addition of a Mandalorian in Sabine and a Twi’lek in Hera was a very smart move by Filoni and his crew. These two added a lot of intrigue to the series along with the Jedi. I think it also gave them easy story tracks to look into as well, especially with Sabine and the Mandalorians.

In my opinion, the Mandalore episodes, the final episodes of season two, and the final handful of episodes rank as the top segments of the Star Wars Rebels series.

Connection to the Canon

Given the timeline of Rebels, it was easy for them to segment in pieces and characters of the original trilogy and other segments of the Star Wars Canon. The best thing about this is that it wasn’t done in a way that was forced in any way. We had appearances from Princess Leia, Grand Moff Tarkin, Yoda, Obi Wan, Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Rex, and many others.

These characters all added to episodes that they were in within taking the spotlight away from the main characters themselves. This was probably my favorite thing about Rebels. Filoni was very focused on these characters being the sole focus of the series that he wasn’t going to dilute it with characters from the movies and books.

Not only did we have characters from other canon areas come into Rebels but we also saw Rebels as a launch pad for additional canon materials. Examples of this would the new Thrawn novel, which is one of the best canon novels out there right now as well as the comics like Kanan the last Padawan

Wrap Up

Dave Filoni or whoever heads up the next Star Wars animated series is going to have their hands full in creating something that can rival what was done with Rebels. For some people this is their favorite portion of the new canon. I myself will still take the movies over this, but Rebels is still a very close second.

I am going to miss tuning in every week to find out what our heroes are up to. The epilogue absolutely created such intrigue that I cannot wait to figure out what has happened to Ezra. We may find out in the next movie or in the next animated series.

Bottom line, Rebels was an excellent follow up to The Clone Wars animated series. Having watched a lot of the animated shows the past couple of years, it is going to be tough not having a constant flow of new canon to explore.

If you are like me and going to be missing Rebels, I highly suggest checking out some of the canon novels. You can receive two free audiobooks for free by signing up for a FREE TRIAL of Audible. It costs you nothing and it benefits our site as I will receive a small commission with your registration. 

What are your thoughts on Rebels and the how the finale wrapped things up? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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