Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Reaction

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Reaction

The day Star Wars fans have been waiting for is here, the first teaser trailer for “The Last Jedi” has arrived and it’s time for a breakdown.

Our first sight of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is here as we have finally got our first teaser trailer. The level of excitement with this trailer is extreme. The trailer had some awesome visuals as well as some pretty shocking commentary from Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker). While the trailer certainly didn’t answer any questions, it certainly did bring about more questions.

Without further adieu, let’s get into this trailer.

Initial Reaction

I will be 100% honest here. My first reaction should be taken with just a grain of salt as I first watched it in a restaurant on my phone where I couldn’t really here Luke’s commentary. So, my first initial reaction was that it was kind of a light trailer and that it didn’t really get me all that hyped for the release of this movie.

However, upon arriving at home I casted the trailer to my smart tv and actually got to watch the trailer a few more times, where it impressed me more and more everytime I watched it. The visuals and teases were absolutely riveting. Director Rian Johnson and crew put together one fantastic trailer.


As is spoke earlier, this trailer did not answer any looming questions left over from “The Force Awakens,” instead it left us with more questions. Questions that we will likely be asking from now until we get to see this film in theaters. So, let’s get to a couple of questions that I have from the trailer.

Are we officially ending the “light side or dark side” mantra of force users and embracing the “Grey Jedi” type role that we’ve seen Kanan and Ezra lean towards in Star Wars Rebels? 

The reason that I ask this is Rey’s response to Luke’s question of “What do you see?” is “Light…darkness…and balance”. One could say that this is simply the age old “bring balance to the force” phrase. However, in the context of what I believe is Luke training Rey in the ways of the force, it seems more like a lean towards training her to have a balance of light and dark instead of an absolute, as we all know “only Sith deal in absolutes” ;).

This fascinates me as I have always wondered what would happen if the “heroes” embraced more of “grey” role. If this is the truth, then the rumors of Luke’s “grey tendencies” are true and Luke at some point has embraced more of the dark side than he had when we last saw him in ROTJ.

Whose mask is this? 

In the very same scene, we see a broken mask hit the ground when Rey mentions “darkness”. It is obviously either Kylo Ren or Darth Vader’s mask and the broken mess makes it difficult to see which it is. However, when you think of how Kylo’s mask was left aboard Starkiller base when it exploded, it can’t be his. So, it would seem that we’d have to be looking at what’s left of the charred remains of Vader’s mask. This also makes sense as this was Kylo Ren’s source of darkness in TFA.

What does Luke mean by “It is time for the Jedi to end?”

All this time we have thought “The Last Jedi” simply meant that Luke was going to have a significant role in the movie. However, we have been wrong all along and the Jedi order as we know it or the Jedi order itself is going to end in this movie. This is simply quite the confusing statement from Luke.

Is he stating this simply because the Jedi order is outdated or is he afraid of a mass Jedi slaughter that seems to happen each time a new sith or strong dark side user comes to power? Or does he really think the Jedi order is a lost cause and everyone should act on their own accord?

It is something that all of us are going to rack our brains about over the next eight months because that statement is quite the profound statement that could have repercussions for not only this movie but the next movie as well. In true Disney fashion, you know that they will tease us with it and it will continue to be an unknown until we all see the movie come December.


I have many more questions for this film, some that came from the trailer and some that I have already had. Overall, the trailer really gets me amped up for the movie, I have been a huge fan of this franchise for a long time and am eagerly awaiting the next installment. Disney’s acquisition of this franchise as well as the Marvel franchise has made the nerd in me quite happy.

Stay tuned for not only more from Star Wars Celebration but also more commentary on this movie, as I am sure that my team and I will have plenty of content to give you as we inch closer to the release of this movie. If you haven’t checked out our day one coverage of Star Wars Celebration, please check it out here.



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