Star Wars: The Last Jedi Expectations

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Expectations

We are just a few days from the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As we approach the movie, I want to look at what to expect.

One of the things that I like to stress on here is that I do not want to spoil anything for Star Wars fans. I am simply wanting to take an honest look at what we can expect out of this great movie.

For the most part, I have stayed away from reviews of the movie and I will continue to do so until I have seen the movie. This post will mostly be 100% my own thoughts and expectations and will not include links to other pieces. I am doing this for you the fan, as I would hate to see you stumble upon a spoiler as a result of me.

Dark Side Turn

One of the biggest rumors that is always floating out there is that certain characters will turn to the Dark Side. This has been something that I am sure was a thing even back to the original trilogy. I even discussed this early on when I talked about the potential for Luke going dark.

So, with that said, will we see a hero move to the dark side? I honestly do not see that happening. We have too much invested in these characters to see any of them make a turn to the dark. Honestly, I think the way this current trilogy is set up was done for a reason. As much as I believe that Disney doesn’t have an influence on how the movies actually go, I think this trilogy was set up like this for their reason.

We never had any investment in the character of Ben Solo to feel the outrage and heartbreak of him falling to the dark side. We know that Luke simply won’t fall, his character is strong in the force and has gone away from simply being on the light to being on the balance side of things.

The trailer teased us into thinking that Rey was going to fall to the dark side. However, when you think about it, there is too much invested in Rey as a hero for her to fall. So, thanks for the misdirection Lucasfilm, but we know that’s simply not going to happen.

Luke will shine

The last we saw Luke was him defeating Darth Vader after an epic battle and then leading him to redemption (no I am not counting the end of TFA). However, there’s no way with this character that he is like Yoda in ESB. Rian Johnson has come out and said that the name of the movie is directly related to Luke as he views Luke as “THE Last Jedi”.

With that said, I think Luke emerges as the star of the movie. I think that at the end of the movie we will be left an incredible performance by Mark Hammil. I feel like we are going to walk out of the theatre thinking and saying “Luke is a badass”.

Resistance Reeling

It seems to me too obvious that with everything we have been warned about this movie, that we will see the Resistance take a loss in this movie. This is much in the same way the Rebel Alliance took a loss in Empire Strikes Back. It simply is the nature of a trilogy. You have will always have a Win/Loss/Win to keep you the viewer on the hook.

This doesn’t mean that the movie will have the same theme as ESB, it simply means that it will be similar in that way. It won’t make sense to see the Resistance come away with two big victories against the First Order in the first two movies, there will have to be something to give the casual fan reason to come back for Episode 9.

Heroes Down

There is the possibility that we will be down at least one hero after this movie. There is the possibility that we come out of this movie down Luke Skywalker. We’ve pretty much been given the idea that there is no “sendoff” for Leia, despite what the trailer eludes to us.

Maybe we see Kylo Ren bite the dust? This is something that is a possibility I think. Kylo Ren has been established as a character with a lot of turmoil. It also appears as if Kylo has lost quite a bit of trust from Snoke. Maybe it gets to the point where there is a conflict between the two and Snoke takes him down.

There is always the possibility of anything happening. However, I don’t see any of the popular characters going down. We don’t have anyone begging to be out of the series like Harrison Ford did in this film. This means that there’s no reason to kill off anyone like Luke, Kylo, Rey, Finn, etc.

Rey Revealed

I firmly believe that we are about to get more information about Rey’s backstory in the Last Jedi. It makes too much sense for them to unveil what we don’t know about Rey. We will undoubtedly find out about Rey’s parentage and Rian Johnson has revealed that. If I am correct we will find out that she will not be the daughter of Luke Skywalker.

It’s a pretty much a given that we will see a much stronger and more in tune with the force version of Rey. Without a doubt, Rey will have embraced the force even more so than she did in TFA. Most believe that Rey will become one of the most powerful force users of all time. This is likely why she scares Luke so much.


These are just a few of the expectations that I have as we approach the new movie. I absolutely cannot wait to see this movie and am hoping that I get the chance to see it more than once this weekend. When you see the movie, make sure that you let us know your thoughts. We will have a review up shortly after seeing the movie and will share our thoughts.



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