Star Wars: Fan Theory Thursday Episode I

Star Wars: Fan Theory Thursday Episode I

As Star Wars fans, fan theories are almost a rite of passage to us. It’s time we at STL Hat Trick bring you the theories that matter most to us fans.

Hey Star Wars fans! Welcome to our first iteration of “Fan Theory Thursday”!

The point of these posts is to bring you the fan the interesting theories that exist out there via other sites, forums, and social media. Not only will I present the theories, but I will also dissect these theories and give my opinion on whether or not they are plausible.

Theory Introduction

The first theory that I want to present is an interesting one that I found when doing some research. This theory comes to us via Cinemablend writer Conner Schwerdtfeger. The theory states that “Padme never loved Anakin, he was manipulating her”.

I will state that this theory in and of itself is truly intriguing. Conner states in regard to this theory, “This fan theory suggests the possibility that Anakin unwittingly used his Force powers to slowly but surely wear down Padme’s defenses and make her fall in love with him over the course of their time together during Attack of the Clones.”

Theory Explanation

While at face level, it seems that this theory is a bit out there. When you go back and recant the events that lead up to the eventual relationship it kind of explains things. Anakin was extremely gifted in the force and had a way of doing things his way. Anakin had a “thing” for Padme from the beginning, and he made it clear in The Phantom Menace. Even though it seemed innocent, it was Anakin’s first hint at his motive with Padme.

Aside from this, almost every other chance we get to see the two of them interact with each other after this movie, we see Anakin seemingly creep his way into contact with her. It doesn’t progress like a traditional relationship, it seemingly spirals into existence.

Maybe this is reading too much into the way it was portrayed on screen as there were a lot of character flaws within the prequel films. However, with what we are given, maybe the reason it looked forced is that it was forced. That is where the theory has some level of intrigue and interest to it.

Does it Stick?

There were a lot of things with the prequels that just didn’t make sense. Unfortunately, George Lucas seemingly got a little lazy on the character development side and didn’t efficiently flesh out this relationship. However, claiming Anakin was strong enough in the force to do this is giving him too much credit.

I know Anakin was the “chosen one” and too strong in the force for his own good. However, this is just another rumor to justify the poor character development in the prequels. The bad development of their relationship is just that, there’s no hidden agenda here.

While the relationship between Anakin and Padme is no better explained in the Clone Wars TV series, their relationship is not displayed as forceful or awkward like it is in the films. Anakin is also shown to more emotionally stable and loyal to the cause than he is in the films.

As you will see, I am all for fun and exciting theories that help explain plot holes in the films but this one seems too far fetched and complex to be accurate.

For more Star Wars coverage, you can check out the podcast that I was involved in with Daniel Shoptaw of Cardinal Conclave, Kyle Reis of Redbird Daily, and Tina Bradley. Here we discussed all things Star Wars from the Han Solo movie to Force Friday and this fan theory.


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