Star Wars Celebration: Day 3 and Day 4 Recap

Star Wars Celebration: Day 3 and Day 4 Recap

The last two days of Star Wars celebration have come and gone and have produced us with some great things to look forward to.

My apologies to you as life and work kept me busy most of yesterday and today to where I am just now getting to you on a recap for Star Wars Celebration Day 3 and Day 4. However, let us get into how these last two days went in Orlando.

I will tell you that as each day has gone by, I find myself thinking “This was the best day so far”. Each day has had its own highlights and has provided this Star Wars fan with a lot to look forward to. While I don’t think anything could happen to top Day 2 and the unveiling of the trailer of “The Last Jedi”, Day 3 came pretty close.

Rebels’ Last Season

Probably the biggest announcement of the day was the fact that “Rebels” will be moving into its last season. While this isn’t that much of a surprise as “Rebels” running full speed towards a collision with two canonized movies that would be hard to work around, it is still sad news. Since I finished “Clone Wars” sometime last year, I have been hooked on this show and it has been appointment television for me since I caught up to live episodes.

With this, came the season four trailer, which was short and compact but wonderful. The trailer pits the Rebels in sense of desperation as they continue to fight off the Empire. It puts us in a precarious situation as only one of the main characters are confirmed to be alive during “Rogue One” that, of course, being Hera who has a slight shout out in the movie.

One obvious is that the Rebels are being pulled further into the Mandalorian Civil War and it will shed a new light on Sabine and further develop her character. An interesting quote that I took out of the clip is when Kanan is telling Ezra this “We are the balance Ezra, we were meant to be Jedi, so we could be here now…when Lothal needs us most”. This is quite interesting as Kanan seems to be continually leading Ezra down a more “grey path,” like I mentioned Luke might be doing in “The Last Jedi”.

Regardless of what happens, this is going to be a fascinating season, my hope is that every episode pieces together perfectly and that we get integral episodes throughout the 15 episode season. I think that is where season three struggled, while there were great episodes throughout the season, I feel like they tried to play the season off of a couple of episodes and it seemed dry at times.

Battlefront 2

One of the most anticipated items from Star Wars Celebration for Star Wars fans has been the details for Star Wars Battlefront II. This will be new first person shooter game for consoles and PC that will be releasing in November.

Developers smartly added the two things fans wanted to see out of the game (after the last Star Wars Battlefront failed to meet expectations) was a story mode and for the game to include gameplay that spanned across all of the movies. The game will include a story mode and will also include gameplay that spans across the saga.

The game will feature a story mode that will be canon, as it will be an untold story following Idin Versio of the Inferno Squadron taking place between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens”. For a detailed review of what we can expect from this game, I highly suggest you check out Joe Skrebels’ piece at IGN.

Like I have said before, I am going to have to see reviews of the game before I jump on purchasing it. I tend to dislike games with short story modes that seem to be the forgotten sibling of the multiplayer mode. It’s a shame games have moved away from quality story modes, but we shall see what this game brings to the table.

Star Wars Land


Perhaps one of the most intriguing panels of the entire celebration was here. I know we have all heard about Star Wars Land and have even heard of the potential opening of this portion of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. However, details have been fairly scarce in this area.

Regardless of what this was going to bring, as a fan of Disney and someone who is dying to go back as soon as I can, I have been excited about this since day one. However, Disney Parks stepped up to the podium on Saturday and unveiled some pretty cool details about what this area will include.

They explained that Star Wars Land will tell a story that has never been told before on a planet that houses a spaceport that has fallen by the wayside and has become home to bounty hunters and smugglers. There will be food that is cooked using a pod racer engine and of course blue milk.

The experience sounds very much like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter experience at Universal. The storytelling will happen around you and you will have a unique opportunity to assist the Resistance, support the First Order, or take a job from a Bounty Hunter. The choices that you make will make the experience completely different for every person around you.

Not only that but apparently Disney has been experimenting with realistic lightsaber model. If all of this doesn’t excite you, then I don’t know what will. Ultimately, this is being built up as one of the coolest attractions ever. As someone who has experienced the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, if it is anything close to that or better, we will be in for something truly extraordinary. Disney will be releasing more information about this at D23 in July.


We learned a lot over the four-day stretch of Star Wars Celebration. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to report on day 4 as it was mainly fan oriented and nothing was released and no new information was given out. However, it was still a great stretch for us as fans.

We were introduced to a trailer for a new movie, a trailer for the final season of Rebels, a trailer for a new video game, and many inside details about the making of the movies (including The Last Jedi). There was a lot of things that I didn’t even report on (new figures, making of Rogue One, etc.) but it still was fun to watch what went on over the weekend.

I hope you enjoyed my coverage here. You can continue to expect Star Wars information from me here, as this is easily my favorite movie franchise.

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