Star Wars Battlefront II Brings the Good and Bad

Star Wars Battlefront II Brings the Good and Bad

With all of the uproar surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, people are missing out on an all-around solid game.

When I initially found out about Star Wars Battlefront II, I never intended on giving the game much more besides a rent. However, the buzz surrounding the game and the connection to the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi drew me in to make a purchase.

When I got the game home, I was a little miffed by the long install, as slaughtering Resistance fighters with Kylo Ren was getting a little old. However, I was immediately taken back by the visuals of the game and how realistic it seemed (as realistic as a Star Wars game can get).

It really was incredible to be playing with a new character in Kylo Ren and seeing the visuals of Starkiller Base. It was a great prelude to what would be a very fun and engaging game. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to play video games,┬áit was just a little upsetting to have to wait to get into the campaign for as long as I did.


As far as the campaign goes, I was pleasantly surprised at the believable storyline they made out for Iden Versio. If you haven’t played the game yet and plan to, you might want to disregard the next few paragraphs as this will contain spoilers. Don’t worry, I will mark it for you so that you can enjoy the rest of this piece.

Considering that story of Versio, I simply wish we had a bit more of a precursor for her and that the story had been a little deeper. I felt like her turn to the Rebellion/New Republic was simply a little too fast. I know that it was a time where many imperials were defecting, but it simply seemed like too much of a knee-jerk move for her.

While I absolutely enjoyed getting to play as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, I felt that those moments took away from where they could have given us a little more of the Versio story. It was also good that both of those moments weren’t just throw-ins. Luke’s portion of the story was great considering it had implications for TLJ and also seeds planted in Del Meeko that would help lead to his eventual defection.

Leia’s story, on the other hand, played some solid intrigue and a little bit of personal touch with her helping defend Naboo. As we all know the planet Naboo was home to her birth mother Padme Amidala so that was a very nice touch indeed.

As far as storyline goes, I was very impressed with how they dropped hints to what we already know of in canon. There were Star Wars Rebels hints, as well as stories that added more depth to what was given to us in the Aftermath novels. On the last part, if you have yet to read the Aftermath novels, I would highly recommend it.

The story wrapped up nicely with the battle of Jakku and then the odd sequence of Kylo Ren torturing Del Meeko and essentially giving us a drop-off point for The Force Awakens. The mention of his daughter is quite interesting, but like most, there’s no way that he and Versio are going to wind up being Rey’s parents. Interesting theory, but there’s no way Lucasfilm alienates a majority of their audience like that.

I am happy to see that we will be getting more of Versio’s story in some upcoming DLC. I hope that this isn’t the only time that they add to the campaign, as it would be great to get even more of what I believe is the best part of this game.


If you have scrolled right on past the campaign breakdown, and have arrived here for a review on the non spoilery parts of the game, welcome back. However, I will tell you that in my opinion that is the absolute best thing about this game and that this portion of the game is secondary.

For this portion of the game, I will offer a bit of a disclaimer for myself. I am not a hardcore gamer, I typically do not play shooter/multiplayer games and have not consistently played those kinds of games for roughly four to five years. So, with that said, some of my opinions can be taken with a bit of a grain of salt here.

While the multiplayer can be fun at times it simply is a little watered down to me. I say this while saying the visuals and game engine portion are still very good and smooth for the most part. My main complaint is that as someone who doesn’t play these types of games much, it can be a little bit of disappointment to play for 20-30 minute increments on Starfighter Assault and amass two kills while getting shot down 2,000 times.

I won’t comment on the loot crate and star card nonsense as that’s a non-factor for me. I know that’s the style of multiplayer games now and I am not getting into a whine session about it. However, what I will complain about is the lack of Starfighter and Galactic Assault modes on Arcade mode. Sometimes, I don’t want to play against the 15 year olds and college students who have all the time in the world. Starfighter is by far my favorite mode and not being able to hone my skills on Arcade is a huge disappointment.

Regardless, this is a very fun game. I am especially excited about the FREE DLC coming in the next few days. Yeah you read that right, FREE DLC. How often do you hear this nowadays? Not often. This is without mentioning that it is going to give us a little bit of preview of the movie that is now just two weeks away!

I am pleasantly surprised in this game, as I thought it would not have much replay value and that I would be looking to trade it or sell it within a month. I am anxiously looking forward to the DLC to see what it gives us. If this review makes you want to go out and get the game, you can purchase the game below from Amazon and support the site in the mean time!


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