St. Louis Cardinals: Winter Meetings Primer

St. Louis Cardinals: Winter Meetings Primer

With the St. Louis Cardinals not getting their man from Miami, it is time to take a look at what we can expect from the Orlando Winter Meetings.

The St. Louis Cardinals lost out on Giancarlo Stanton and will now double their efforts on the rest of the free agent and trade market at the Winter Meetings in Orlando, FL. Today, I would like to take a look at what we can expect from these meetings for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Trade Efforts

We can expect the St. Louis Cardinals to be vigilant in this area, as this provides the team with the best opportunity to improve the club. The team will be searching for at least one middle of the order bat, if not two. The team has already been linked back to the Marlins for Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich. It will likely take a much larger haul of prospects than a trade for Stanton would have taken due to Stanton’s contract.

The St. Louis Cardinals have had discussions with the Blue Jays regarding former AL MVP Josh Donaldson. With the New York Yankees acquiring another big bat in the middle of their lineup in Stanton and the Red Sox still being the Red Sox, it isn’t likely that the Blue Jays will have much chance at contention in the AL East. Therefore, one should expect the team to potentially think about letting the slugger go for the right offer. 

The Cardinals could look for a package deal of Donaldson and Roberto Osuna to help beef up the bullpen as well. The Cardinals could even see what Toronto’s interest in trading Marcus Stroman is. The second two players probably aren’t likely to be traded but you never know. If a trade like this happens, the Cardinals wouldn’t need to work a deal for Chris Archer and Alex Colome.

Unfortunately, the deal that is probably the least likely trade is the trade that would help the Cardinals the most. That is the trade of Manny Machado from the Baltimore Orioles. Idiotically, the Orioles have said multiple times that they aren’t interested in letting go of the third baseman despite him being an upcoming 2018 Free Agent.

Despite that, it has been mentioned that the Orioles are at least listening to offers and that the Cardinals and Machado would be a match.

Free Agency

This doesn’t look to be the area that benefits the St. Louis Cardinals the most this offseason. However, there are a few guys that the St. Louis Cardinals have been linked to throughout the offseason so far.

There were some murmurs out there that the St. Louis Cardinals were interested in Eric Hosmer. I looked into how that just isn’t a good fit and it seems as if the club believes the same.

While I’m not a big fan of moving Matt Carpenter out of the first base position, I do like the idea of signing Carlos Santana. Santana is built out of the same mold as Carpenter and Hosmer with a lower career average. He’s a 20-25 HR guy with a high OBP and the ability to get on via the walk. If Santana is signed, I would hope that the team would grab another bat via trade as he’s not really a “feared middle of the order hitter”.

With the acquisition of Luke Gregerson, the St. Louis Cardinals still haven’t shown their hand to see if they have interest in the high dollar bullpen arms. Rumors have been circulating that they would be heavily interested in Greg Holland, but nothing has been said since the end of the season.

One thing the Cardinals have reiterated this offseason is that more times than not, their moves come out of nowhere. We just don’t often hear about sources leaking information about what they’re doing. Which can be frustrating as to the average fan it looks like no movement.

However, it seems as if the team is poised to have a very busy offseason. The Winter Meetings have begun and it’s a fun time to be a baseball fan. Enjoy St. Louis Cardinals’ fans!

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