SeatGeek Review

SeatGeek Review

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good consistent spot to buy tickets that are affordable. The time has ended for me as I now use SeatGeek exclusively, here’s my complete SeatGeek review.

To start our SeatGeek review, I will admit to you the reader that I am a partner for SeatGeek and I do earn a commission on purchases made using my exclusive link. However, way before I was a SeatGeek Partner, I was using SeatGeek to purchase my tickets for Cardinals’ and Blues’ games.

If you are not familiar with SeatGeek I will explain it to you here. SeatGeek has relationships with many different ticket vendors and SeatGeek serves as a one-stop shop for all of these vendors. Instead of simply just listing these vendors, the location of the seat, and prices; SeatGeek instead scores all of these tickets with their Deal Score system that is a sliding scale of Awful Deal to Amazing Deal.

The score is based on location, price, and historical data. For example, when one takes a look at Opening Day tickets for the St. Louis Cardinals, you can see that an “Amazing Deal” would be seats behind the St. Louis Cardinals bullpen in the outfield bleachers that are going for $115 for right now. However, an awful deal would be seats three rows behind the visitor’s dugout priced at $965 a ticket.

For me, there is no way I would consider those seats at that price. This is especially considering, one could score seats five rows behind home plate for an additional $2 per seat. That’s the great thing about their Deal Score system, it lets the average person know whether or not something is a great deal. It’s completely different than anyone else out there.

Now, the best part about SeatGeek is that you can pick who you want to buy tickets from. If SeatGeek has the best price you can choose SeatGeek but if another seller has a better price you can choose them instead. If you choose another seller you can still check out on the SeatGeek website.

Like most ticket sites, SeatGeek does offer an option to sell your tickets. However, this is not the best option for sellers out there. SeatGeek does take 20% off of each sale that you do make with SeatGeek. While they claim that other sellers take 30% off of your sale, I am not sure where they get this number as their primary competition (StubHub only charges a 10% fee).

However, the best thing about SeatGeek is that they want to help their community out. They have an excellent affiliate program in their Partner Program, which is absolutely the best in the industry. All of this considered makes me a huge fan of SeatGeek and will continue to make me a repeat customer.

I hope that you will help support our site by making your St. Louis Blues and St. Louis Cardinals’ ticket purchases from SeatGeek or if you want to just purchase tickets for any other event you can do so here. I greatly appreciate your support.

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