New Comic Wednesday: Jared’s Picks for September 6th

New Comic Wednesday: Jared’s Picks for September 6th

We begin our journey to The Last Jedi along with new beginnings for Champions and Daredevil on this edition of New Comic Wednesday.

Champions #12

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Humberto Ramos

Now that Secret Empire has come and passed we are seeing the fallout and the Champions have been through a lot. They dealt with training under Black Widow, Miles “future” of killing Hydra Cap, and Ms. Marvel dealing with the persecution of both Muslims and Inhumans. Those are just a slice of what they’ve been through and seeing how they come together is going to be very emotional. Waid is excelling with these characters and I wonder if he is going to change the status quo and switch up the roster. Ramos has done great work on this series so I expect more of the same with this issue. This is the best book Marvel is putting out right now and this is the perfect jumping on point for new readers.

Daredevil #26

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Ron Garney

Daredevil has really picked up steam lately with the heavy focus on Matt’s lawyer side. With this new arc, we are diving back into Daredevil and his relationship with Blindspot. Blindspot has been a cool character and the parallels between the two have been a driving force for this title. Now that Blindspot is blind I’m expecting Daredevil to reveal his identity and inspire Blindspot to deal with his injury. Soule killed it on the last arc so my expectations are very high. I’m not familiar with this artist so I’m curious to see what he brings to the table. With the hot streak this book is on I’m expecting this arc to be fantastic.

Journey To Star Wars The Last Jedi Captain Phasma #1

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Marco Checchetto

One of my few problems with The Force Awakens is the lack of Captain Phasma. Phasma was such a cool looking character and wasted the great Gwendoline Christie. With her increased role in The Last Jedi, we are seeing her perspective leading up to the film. Hopefully, it provides some insight into her actions in The Force Awakens and shows us some of the inner workings of The First Order. Marvel has chosen a great creative team for this title. Thompson is one of Marvel’s up and coming writers and her work on Hawkeye is fantastic. Checchetto worked on Shattered Empire and Screaming Citadel so he is well versed in drawing Star Wars and his work looks great. With the setting, character, and creative team I have high hopes for this title.

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