New Comic Wednesday: Jared’s Picks for September 20th

New Comic Wednesday: Jared’s Picks for September 20th

The Red Death comes to Gotham, Lex plays the Game of Thrones, and two generations of Marvels come together on this edition of New Comic Wednesday.

Before we begin our regularly scheduled comic picks here is the recap of the first two issues of Metal that was promised.

Recap of Metal #1-#2 By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo


We start in the journal of Hawkman as he describes the beginning of the Age of Metal. In the present, the Justice League is captured by Mongul and the Toyman. The League is one the ropes until Batman figures out that Toyman is helping them. He combines the rest of Toyman’s machines into a mega machine and frees the JL.

As they are flying back to Earth Alfred informs Batman that a giant mountain just fell into Gotham. They venture into the mountain and find what seems to be a lab with some dead bodies and the remains of Red Tornado. The Blackhawks come in and reveal that their leader is Kendra Saunders AKA Hawkgirl. She takes the League to Blackhawk Island and reveals the truth about Nth metal. Hawkgirl tells them how in an effort to stop what is coming to Hawkman formed the Challengers of the Unknown.

Kendra explains the concept of the Multiverse and how there is a Dark Multiverse that Hawkman was trying to stop. Before he was captured, Hawkman told Red Tornado that the villain’s name was Barbatos. Kendra learned that Batman will be the portal that lets Barbatos through and tries to capture him. He escapes and steals some Nth Metal while multiple people begin to feel something coming.

Batman uses the Metal as a sort of compass that leads him straight to Hawkman’s journal and Dream is waiting for him.


The Justice League continues their search for Batman with the help of some reserve members and they eventually converge in the Amazon Rainforest. Batman uses his family as a distraction and the JL takes them all out except for Robin and Nightwing. Nightwing springs his trap and Swamp Thing captures most of the League. Superman breaks free and captures Batman and Robin but it is revealed that Clayface was Batman the whole time.

Kendra pays a visit to the lair of the Immortals and warns them of Batman decision. Using his knowledge of Batman Ra’s al Ghul helps Kendra find his location. We learn Batman is in the tomb of Hawkman’s first life, Prince Khufu. Batman converses with Dream until Superman and Wonder Woman enter. Batman reveals his plan to use the child Darkseid to return to the past and defeat Barbatos but both Superman and Wonder Woman disapprove.

Bruce was tricked into coming to what he thought was Khufu’s tomb when it was really Hath Set’s. Multiple factions come out from the shadows and use Batman to create a doorway to the Dark Multiverse. A hole bursts open and Jokerized Robins come out and murder everyone. Superman and Wonder Woman can’t find Batman when the Dark Batmans reveal themselves and suck the power out of them.

Batman: The Red Death #1

Written by Josh Williamson

Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

Metal has been a blast so far and by far the most interesting parts have been the Dark Batman’s. This issue is focusing on Evil Batman-Flash known as the Red Death. I’m hoping to see his origin and how he became this evil BatFlash and with Williamson’s great work on Flash, I think we’ll see some creative uses of the Speed Force. Carmine Di Giandomenico is an incredible artist and his interpretation of the Flash is one of my favorites. Seeing how he illustrates these different characters that are very similar to ones we know will be very interesting. If you are curious about these Dark Batmen this is the title for you.

Generations Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel #1

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Paolo Villanelli

These Generations titles have been good so far but I’ve wanted more. Of all the Generations titles this is the one I’ve had the highest expectations from. Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel’s relationship has changed so much because of Civil War II and I hope this issue tackles it head-on. Seeing Kamala being inspired by who Carol was is going to be great to see. Wilson is such an amazing writer so I have no doubt it’ll be good. I am not familiar with Villanelli so I’m interested to see what his style is. Hopefully, this will be the Generation title that breaks the mold.

Superman #31

Written by Peter Tomasi

Art by Doug Mahnke

They sold me with the words Lex Luthor and Game of Thrones. Lex fighting for control of Apokolips is something that I’ve been waiting to see and I’m glad it’s happening in Superman. Jurgens has done a great job with Lex but under Tomasi’s pen, my expectations are through the roof. I’m curious how Jon and Lois are going to fit into this issue but Tomasi hasn’t let me down yet so I trust him. What can be said about Mahnke that hasn’t already? He is one of DC’s most consistent artists and has proven his worth on multiple amazing titles. I can not wait for this issue and have no doubt it will be great.

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