New Comic Wednesday: Jared’s Picks for November 28th

New Comic Wednesday: Jared’s Picks for November 28th

We flashback to the beginning of Batman and Catwoman, Marc Spector returns, and the animals go wild on this edition of New Comic Wednesday.

Batman Annual 2

Written by Tom King

Art by Lee Weeks

This issue is getting a lot of buzz and I can completely understand why. Going back to the beginning of Batman’s career is always interesting and adding Catwoman is a major plus. This being one of the first “dates” between the two this issue is going to be a lot of fun and I wonder what their “date” will entail. Art is being handled by Lee Weeks and his work is incredible. If you haven’t seen the art on the Batman/Elmer Fudd do yourself a favor and check it out. The last time these two creators teamed up was fantastic so my expectations for this issue are sky high.

Moon Knight 189

Written by Max Bemis

Art by Jacen Burrows

The last issue of Moon Knight did a fantastic job of introducing us to the new villain Sun King. Now he and Marc are going to cross paths and I’m curious to see this book go more into the Egyptian mythology. Khonsu and Ra are going to have a major part in this story and considering where we left Khonsu it’s going to be interesting. Jacen Burrows did a great job on art duties last issue and drew some very gruesome images very well. Moon Knight has been gone for far too long and now is a great jumping on point for his next adventures.

Super Sons Annual 1

Written by Peter Tomasi

Art by Paul Pelletier

If you are looking for a pure fun comic to pick up this week it’s got to be Super-Sons. This issue is all about the pets of Robin and Superboy especially Titus and Krypto. The last two time I read a comic about animals we got Good Boy from Batman and Pizza Dog from Hawkeye. If done correctly it can be a hilarious story with a lot of heart which Super Sons is known for. Paul Pelletier is a very good artist that has done great work on Aquaman. Seeing how he draws aquatic beings very well I’m curious to see how he draws mammals. This is going to be a fun comic that can be enjoyed by everyone and a perfect representation of what this book is.

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