New Comic Wednesday: Jared’s Picks for August 9th

New Comic Wednesday: Jared’s Picks for August 9th

Mister Miracle begins, Secret Empire continues, and a special Star Wars issue on this edition of New Comic Wednesday.

New Comic Wednesday is here and it’s time for us to take a look at what the comic book world has for us today as our weekly search through the comicverse starts.

Cassian & K2SO Special #1

Written by Duane Swierczynski

Art by Fernando Blanco

Coming out of Rogue One one of the major highlights was Cassian and K2SO and their relationship. The most emotional moment of the film is Cassian’s reaction to K2’s death. Since the film was released I’ve been wanting to learn more about them and this is my chance. This comic chronicles the first meeting of Cassian and K2 and how K2 was turned to the Rebels. I haven’t read anything from this writer but have seen some of Blanco’s art. His style fits really well with Cassian and his world so I’m excited to see what he comes up with. If you’ve been clamoring for more of the characters¬†from Rogue One this is the comic to read.

Mister Miracle #1

Written by Tom King

Art by Mitch Gerads

Tom King is one of the best writers in comics right now with hit titles including Batman, Grayson, Vision, Omega Men, and Sheriff of Babylon. Now he is tackling Mister Miracle and the New Gods along with his Babylon partner Mitch Gerads and I couldn’t be happier. The New Gods and their world is so interesting and I know so little about them but the characters are amazing and right up King’s alley.

Mister Miracle, Big Barda, and Orion are some of DC’s greatest characters and I’m excited to learn about them. Gerads is an awesome choice for this title. His work is very gritty and realistic and should add a sense of realism for a story set in the cosmic universe. This title will be a quick sell so pick it up now while you have a chance.

Secret Empire #8

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Daniel Acuna

Recap (Spoilers for Secret Empire #7)

Captain Marvel and the space team are beginning to lose hope. Carol blames herself for Captain America’s takeover and begs that Quasar wakes up. We then see Cap being tortured by Red Skull and Captain America mourning the loss of Madam Hydra.

Black Widow and Spider-Man are preparing to assassinate Steve and Black Widow locks Miles away to prevent him from killing him. Widow uses Mosiac and the rest of her team to distract Captain America and rescue the hostages while she kills him.

Miles escapes his imprisonment and right before Widow kills Captain America The Punisher stops her. She sees that Miles has confronted Steve and rushes to stop him. She gets there and his shield makes contact with her neck and kills her. Miles goes berserk and beats Steve to a pulp but stops just short of killing him.

Steve meets with Sharon and when she tries to kill her he throws her into a cell. Cap begins to fight back against Red Skull and tackles him off the cliff. Hawkeye and the rest of the Avengers have lost hope only to be inspired when Sam Wilson redons the mantle of Captain America.


That last issue was fantastic and I’m so excited for this week’s issue. We are now seeing the fallout of Widows death and how Hawkeye and Sam Wilson will step up and take the war to Captain America. I’m really hoping that we see more of the Punisher and what his role in the story will be going forward. There are only 3 issues left in this series and I can’t wait to see how it ends and what happens to the Marvel Universe going forward.

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