Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice

The holidays are here and in honor of the season, we’re going to play a St. Louis Cardinals edition of naughty or nice.


1. Goldschmidt

Paul Goldschmidt has already made a great first impression on Cardinal fans. The day he sat next to the brass and answered the hard hitting questions from local media, he won us over. A perfect mold we clamored.

2. Wong

Kolten Wong stayed humble, and went into this off-season will more to prove. Undeniably stolen from what was rightfully his, Wong showed a glimpse of what we all have been waiting for in 2018. The fielding bible agreed. Congrats to Wong.

3. Shildt

Mike Shildt is a Mike, and this city has our reasons to be cautious with anyone barring that name. In a time full of Mike uncertainty, the low cap wearing hero we craved arrived. Shildt has brought optimism to the helm of our birds, and with the change in play and late 2018 surge, the fans have a buzz growing for this team unseen in years and its only December.

4. Mikolas

Miles Mikolas came out of nowhere! Laughing and taunts of low hanging fruits, and good ole cheap Dewitt tweets eroded our feeds last off-season. What are we doing we said. The rest is history. Mikolas went from lizard king side show, to solidified Ace in 2018.

5. Molina

The GOAT (Yadier Molina) always makes the list, and I would never add him to the naughty portion.


1. Mozeliak

Yes he got us Goldschmidt, yes I think he is one of the smartest and the greatest POBO’s in all of baseball, but with that said, is Bryce Harper a Cardinal yet?

2. O’Neill

He could be a stud, but with his high SO rate I think it’s safe to say he makes us all a little cautious on his outlook. Tyler O’Neill also almost ruined Baders career with one of the worst defensive games I’ve ever seen a player endure. Tyler also got an STD (allegedly). The dude is nothing but Naughty.

3. Bader Speaking of Harrison Bader. The world is not ending and before someone demands my head, hear me out. I love this kid and his game, but repping NY with a jacket that has Yankee font on national television, on shows that also included MLB network? Come on dude. I know you’re from the concrete jungle but give the Lou some national love. He’s a rockstar when we need one the most, help us out a little TOTS. 4. Oquendo

I respect Jose Oquendo and hold him to the highest regard. I grew up watching him stand over at 3rd during the TLR era, an era full of greatness. I only put him on the list for one reason only, he left. Players like Wong and Dejoung showed such high improvement with the leather, I hope without him we don’t see a decline on what I hoped to be a stellar middle infield.

5. Ozuna

This is not the player I expected we were getting from Miami. I respect the guy for being tough but it arguably hurt the team. Iron men are strong willed and prideful creatures, but getting helped sooner in the season could of made a difference early in the season when we were already loosing games anyways. I hope Marcell Ozuna is healthy for 2019, but if he’s not able to play at a high level like this game demands, I hope Shildt and the new improved analytics department can produce a lineup without him.


There you have it folks! I wanted my first post to be fun and light. I’m not a writer by trade so hang in with me as I grow and learn how to put my thoughts on paper in a literate way. Thanks for reading.

In a serious note, as someone who has suffered with his own struggles in life, if you or anyone you know needs help with depression, please seek medical advise and talk to someone. National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255.

Baseball player or Janitor, we are all humans. As a city, as BFIB, let’s support DEX as a person, and for the time being not worry about him as a player. We should support our own when they need it the most.


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