Legends Of Tomorrow: Doomworld Review

Legends Of Tomorrow: Doomworld Review

The Legion of Doom rewrites reality in a great episode of Legends

The Legion of Doom has shaped all of reality in their image and with the Legends out of commission, Rory is the only one who can reunite the team.


I love episodes where you get to see characters you love portrayed in a different light. My favorite episode of the Flash is Welcome to Earth 2, and this is sort of a sequel to that episode just in a different show.

Seeing how the Legion has chosen to use each member of the team was very interesting. I particularly enjoyed evil Sara and janitor Ray. Even more, intriguing was how the Legion altered their own lives. Seeing Damian’s vigilante memorial, Meryln’s family revived, and Thawne as the smartest man in the world was so different from normal and all three actors did a great job with the new status quo.

Most interesting of all though was what Snart chose to change. He made it so there was no challenge to theif and I think that’s incredibly out of character for him. Snart is someone who wants to prove he’s the best and wouldn’t to what he does if it wasn’t a challenge for him.

With this new world, Mick quickly realizes what a mistake he made and restores the memories of the rest of the Legends. Besides Snart’s plan being out of character, my only issue was Mick turned a little too quickly for my taste.

Once everyone is back to normal and the Legion has had enough of Thawne they all converge in an attempt to defeat Thawne. This leads to Snart killing Vixen after she convinces Mick to be good. Her death led to an amazing scene where all of the Legends lose hope. You can tell just from their eyes and faces how devastated they are.

This was a near perfect episode of Legends that showed just how far this show has come. My only problems are the slight nitpicks of Snart acting out of character and Rory turning a little too quickly. 9.3 out of 10

Additional Thoughts

Please, Legends resist the temptation of killing Reverse Flash. Snart and Reverse Flash are the only two villains that the Arrowverse needs to keep around.

Sara was looking great in that costume.

Good Prison Break reference.

The Legion of Doom’s headquarters were amazing.

Having the Waverider hiding in plain sight was a great touch.

I loved Damian almost high fiving Nate.

Dominator game was a cool callback.

The mere appearance of Black Flash is enough to scare me.

Killing Felicity must have been really satisfying for some people.

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