Legends of Tomorrow: Land of the Lost Review

The Legends try to rescue Rip in a solid episode that shows the bond between AI and Captain.

Sara and Jax journey into Rips brain in an attempt to learn Commander Steel’s location. Meanwhile the rest of the Legends travel to the Crustacean period to find a missing piece of the Waverider.


While this wasn’t the best episode of Legends this season it was still a solid episode. The main plot of this weeks episode is the Legends are attempting to locate Commander Steel but in order to do so they need Rip to tell them his location. Sara and Jax decide to go inside Rip’s mind and extract the information and hopefully restore Rips memories.

Out of all the characters to send into Rip’s mind Sara and Jax were the best choices they could have made. They have had the most significant relationships with Rip and if anyone was going to fix him it would be them.

The highlight of this episode was when Gideon entered Rip’s mind. One of the core relationships Legends has had is the partnership between Gideon and Rip. Seeing that portrayed in a new light was very interesting. I also really enjoyed seeing Amy Pemberton as Gideon instead of just hearing her voice and I thought she did a great job.

In the main sub plot for the episode Nate, Amaya, and Ray attempt to locate a missing piece of the Waverider that has landed in the Crustacean period. This plot focused mainly on the relationship between Nate and Amaya and I feel like it was out of place.

This is the second episode this season where they are on a mission and spend too much time flirting. Both the characters know how important it is to recover the missing piece of the Waverider and the focusing on the relationship instead of the mission felt like a missed opportunity.

One thing I loved about this plot was the explanations of Amaya’s powers. Seeing her interact with multiple types of animals really showed how in touch with her powers she is.

This was an alright episode mainly due to Sara and Jax’s journey into Rips mind. Amaya and Nate’s relationship took a larger focus in what I felt was out of place. Amaya’s interesting uses of her powers were great which redeemed the sub plot in my eyes. 7.4 out of 10

Additional Thoughts

The tying into the current day Vixen was really great. As was the acknowledgement that her show on the CW seed is in continuity.

My heart breaks every time Mick talks about Snart.

I enjoyed the effect on Dream Jax’s fire. We’ve seen the normal yellow, Deathstorm blue, and now dark red.

Sara’s scene where she restores some of Rips memories was a great showcase for Caity Lotz and Arthur Darvill.

I wished we got more details into Ray’s survival in this time period. It would have been a great showing for his ingenuity and creativity.

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