Justice League Trailer Released

In an attempt to garner some excitement for the upcoming Justice League movie, Warner Brothers has released the trailer for the movie set to release in November.

Well, the moment comic book fans have been either eagerly awaiting or dreading has arrived as the Justice League trailer is out. As we are all aware DC is trying to capture some of the audience that has been enjoying the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) by creating their own sort of universe. The start of things was the Batman vs. Superman flick that was good, but not great, and was nowhere near the quality of a MCU movie.

It seems as if DC doesn’t want to take the time of fleshing out the individual characters before as they have already gone into the full squad movie, without releasing an individual character movie for most of the characters like Marvel did. This may be a good thing for DC as they don’t really have the time to develop all of these characters like Marvel did, and it gives them a chance to make movies the way they want them made.

As far as the trailer itself, it actually was quite impressive. Each additional character had their own little introduction and action sequence to excite fans. While there is plenty of action in the trailer and special effects are impressive, there is actually a little bit of humor involved in it. This is good, as Batman vs. Superman seemed a little too rigid at times.

While the trailer looked cool and it seems it may be a good movie, it remains to be seen if they will stick to the general comic theme of the characters unlike they did in Batman vs. Superman. The movie will also need an established and successful plot, something the Suicide Squad movie lacked.

Ultimately, this will earn a view from me (a Marvel fan) as it is the characters from the cartoons I used to watch as a kid. Hopefully, they do the characters justice and it is something that all comic book fans can enjoy. I think all comic book fans can agree that a successful DC movie universe is good for comics and comic book movies.

If you have yet to see the trailer, check it out below!

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