Justice League: Expectations and Preview

Justice League: Expectations and Preview

With less than a month until Justice League hits theaters, it’s time we have a look at what we can expect from the potential hit DC film.

I will admit, I have not been that excited about this film. I have been more looking forward to Thor Ragnarok (preview to come soon) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Maybe I have been forgetting about the potential hit film that is in between them in Justice League.

Of the newer DCEU films, I have only seen Batman vs. Superman and Wonder Woman. Knowing that there’s not really supposed to be much continuity between the films makes things easier. However, the excitement level just hasn’t had much of a chance to build for this film.

In comparison to the slow build up that we had with Avengers; DC has chosen to not fully flesh out the other characters of Justice League besides Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman before their big reveal in Justice League. So, we will be meeting the cinematic versions of Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg in Justice Leauge for the very first time.

I am not quite sure how this is exactly going to go. It is a pretty bold move on the part of DC to flood the screen with these characters before fully fleshing them out beforehand. The reasoning behind this is that DC doesn’t have the time to fully flesh these characters out like Marvel did with their characters prior to the Avengers’ Movies. They have to make a statement with this movie and if they don’t it may derail the entirety of the

With the results of the previous DCEU movies in context, I think it is pertinent for this movie to do well and be well recieved. Not that I think they will stop making movies if it doesn’t, but it could definitely affect the way they approach things moving forward.

My Prediction:

Unfortunately, I just don’t think this movie can possibly live up to the hype here. I think DCEU is going to fail again. I don’t think it will be THAT bad, but it won’t be as good as we would hope it could be.

IMO there’s already the potential to fail built into the movie. They took a risk in redesigning some of the characters, a risk that looks to be a success in terms of Aquaman but a huge eyesore with The Flash. He looks nothing like either CW’s Flash or the Flash from the comics and it kind of takes away from what we know about his character.

They decided to deviate from the character of Batman/Superman in their movie and it turned a lot of us hardcore fans off. In fact, it has me skeptical about even seeing the movie before it comes out on DVD. Knowing myself, I will find myself bored one morning and spending my time to see how the film plays out.

However, this doesn’t change my opinion that this movie has the potential to be a dud for not just the movie franchise. If this movie is a dud and another DCEU failure it could seep into their comic sales as well.

As a comic book fan across the board, I hope that I am wrong. However, I think the writing may be on the wall and DC may just be trying to do too much here.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming movie? Do you think it will be good? Do you plan to attend it? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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