Jason Aaron Avengers Series Provides Intrigue and New Beginnings

Jason Aaron Avengers Series Provides Intrigue and New Beginnings

As some of you may know, I am starting to get back into the actual comics. I have never been a huge comic book reader but that is changing with the new Jason Aaron Avengers Series.

It all started on Free Comic Book Day. I was scrolling twitter and saw that it was #FreeComicBookDay which is a day in which the comic book publishers put out a promotional free comic to promote what is coming. The comic everyone wanted to get their hands on that week was the new Jason Aaron Avengers Series.

Guardian’s of the Galaxy director James Gunn even tweeted out that he picked it up and was excited to dig into it. This was the kicker for me. I had already wanted to head out to the comic book shop to pick up the free comic, so it was easy to get the new Avengers comic while I was there.

The first issue was a very much an introductory issue, but it set the stage for what we will be seeing.

Heroes Introduced

While I want to discuss the Avengers who were introduced in this comic, I want to talk about the characters that started the comic off. The characters that started the comic were what are known as the “Prehistoric Avengers” from one million years ago. This is Odin, Starbrand, Phoenix, Agamotto, the first Iron Fist and Black Panther (T’Chakka), and Ghost Rider.

This was something brand new to me, I had no clue that they had explored some of these characters. This wasn’t the first time these characters were used either, they actually were first introduced last year in Jason Aaron’s Marvel Legacy #1. Jason Aaron has said that they will be a mainstay in this series, so their introduction in Avengers #1 is not just to lay in the foreground.

For the main Avengers characters, we are introduced to Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, Black Panther (T’Challa), Black Panther (Robbie Reyes). According to Jason Aaron in the preview Q&A with Marvel, She-Hulk will be known as just Hulk and there will be rotating Avengers throughout this series, and there will even be characters we aren’t used to seeing as Avengers. That is awfully intriguing to hear.


I won’t give away the plot completely, but I want to give you an idea of what “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” will be up against. Here is the official synopsis from Marvel,

“Thor Odinson. Steve Rogers. Tony Stark. The Big Three of the Avengers are reunited at last! And just in time to save the world from total annihilation at the hands of their most powerful enemies yet: the 2000-foot-tall space gods known as Celestials. Behold the coming of the Final Host. Who will answer the call to assemble for a wild new era of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Hint: one of them has a flaming skull for a head. And what strange, world-shaking connection exists between the Final Host and Odin’s ancient band of Prehistoric Avengers?”

In our first issue, we come into contact with the Avengers separated in different sections. Dr. Strange and Black Panther are on their own looking at something beneath the earth. While Cap, Thor, and Iron Man are reminiscing about things when Celestials start falling from the sky. They are brought into the fold by Captain Marvel who had been tracking them from space.

We are then left with a nice cliffhanger as it appears as Cap, Tony, and Thor are about to face off with a Dr. Doom looking celestial and his compatriots. It leaves a nice level of intrigue to keep you wanting more.


Like I have stated, I am relatively new to the comics. I am not completely green as I’ve read issues here and there but this will be the first series that I actually keep up with and I am quite excited to follow this along and collect this series. The next issue will be released this Wednesday.

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