It Is Time for a St. Louis Blues Goalie Change

It Is Time for a St. Louis Blues Goalie Change

Here we are again, talking about yet another goalie problem for the St. Louis Blues. As the disappointing season moves on, it’s time to consider a St. Louis Blues goalie change in the future.

Here’s a stat line. 190 games Started, 109 wins, 65 loses, .913% save percentage, 2.47 GAA and 16 shutouts. These stats are over five seasons but really four.  I’m a numbers guy and love to think numbers don’t lie. So I look at these numbers and think, man I would take this guy as my number one goalie right now. But for some reason, my opinion changes when I attach the name to these stats. That name is, of course, Jake Allen. With that said, I have to consider a St. Louis Blues goalie change.

Now before you gather the townspeople with pitchforks and fire. I want you to know I am a big fan of Jake Allen. Whats not to like? He’s athletic, has size and numbers to back it up. Jake was drafted and not at all rushed to the NHL. It was the complete opposite. He was given three years as the Peoria Rivermen go-to guy between the pipes. Playing 120 games, with a .913% save percentage, 9 shutouts, and a 2.76 GAA. Huh? That looks really familiar.

From the start, Jake Allen has been the “guy” for the Blues. He was the young guy who is supposed to turn into the goal-tending messier. You know the savior for the goal-tending decisions of Roman Turek, Jaroslav Halak, Brian Elliott and Ryan Miller.

One of the aspects of Jake’s game that just makes fans and probably players just lose their mind is some of the ridiculously unbelievable saves he makes. Earlier I stated that I’m a numbers guy. Well, get this. There is a stat called Goals Saved Above Average.

I’ll give you a definition. Goals this goalie prevented given his save percentage and shots faced vs. the league average percentage on the same number of shots. Basically, this goalie (Jake Allen) has been one of the best at stopping pucks prior to this season. This year, he is one of the worst.

What do the Blues do?

Even though he makes unbelievable saves and has good numbers, Jake is also very frustrating for fans. Jake can make a post to post save and save the game or he can let a goal go short side that’s coming from the side boards. Most don’t expect any goalie let alone Jake to make unbelievable saves, that’s why they are so amazing. What we do expect as fans are for Jake to be consistent, something this fan thinks he is lacking.

We are in the mist of season two of one of Jake Allen’s funks. Yes, I know the team hasn’t played great in front of him at times. But too many times this year he has had the opportunity to shut the Jake Allen haters down and he has failed to do so.

Do we as fans and does Blues management continue to cross their fingers and hope Jake turns into the guy we are all hoping will bring a Stanley Cup to St. Louis? Or does there need to be yet again another search for a number one goalie to take us to the promise land?

The Blues do have a deep talent pool at goalie with the likes of Ville Husso, Evan Fitzpatrick, Luke Opilka and Jordan Binnington to name a few. Do the Blues go through the same motions and try and groom one of these young goalies to be “The Guy”. Or do they feel that Jake Allen is the goalie but has not had the right pieces in front of him to be successful?

There is no doubt that in the off-season the Blues need to move some players and bring something in and at the same time make decisions on which young phenom they should bring up. Insert the following names, Klim Kostin, Jordan Kyrou, Rob Thomas (so smooth).


I personally do not believe Jake Allen will be the goalie who helps the St. Louis Blues hoist the Stanley Cup. I also don’t have the answer but Albert Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. I trust that guy and I hope the St. Louis Blues do the same.

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