The Flash Season 3: The Wrath of Savitar Review

The Flash Season 3: The Wrath of Savitar Review

On this week’s intense Flash, Savitar rears his ugly head and the intrigue of this season continues.

When Wally begins to see visions of Savitar Team Flash has to deal with Savitar head on. Meanwhile Julian has to confront his fear of Savitar against his wishes.


This week’s episode of the Flash is my favorite episode they have done in a while. It had everything that I expect in a great episode of the Flash. Good action, strong humor, emotional scenes that affect the audience, and tension throughout.

The main plot this week is Wally is seeing visions of Savitar and it forces the team to try and think ahead of Savitar for once. After weeks of little to no Savitar, we finally got an extended look at him and he did not disappoint.

I have been hard on Wally since his introduction to the show but Keiynan Lonsdale has really grown into the role. As every episode passes by he becomes more and more like the Wally I love from the comics. His scene where he confronts the hallucination of his mom was heartbreaking and showed perfectly why Wally was so afraid of Savitar.

With the large focus on Savitar this week it put Julian front and center and Tom Felton delivered a great performance. The scenes where Savitar took over Julian’s body were by far my favorite scenes of the episode. Felton delivered the perfect amount of terror and arrogance that’s expected from Savitar and brought a high level of tension.

The C plot mostly focused on Iris and Barry’s recent engagement. Candice Patton and Grant Gustin have such great chemistry and it really has shone through this season.

Unfortunately, my only issue with this episode was Iris’s reaction to learning Barry proposed to her to change the future. She clearly knows that Barry loves her and it shouldn’t matter that the main reason he proposed was to change the future.

With a great focus on Wally and Julian, this week’s Flash was one of the best installments of Season 3. Both Keiynan Lonsdale and Tom Felton delivered great performances and really increased the stakes for Team Flash. Even with my issue of Iris’s plot line, this was a great episode that had me hooked from start to finish. 9.2 out of 10.

Additional Thoughts

Could Wally be Savitar? After Wally was absorbed into the Speed Force his skin seemed to burn off. Maybe that’s why Savitar wears a full body suit. At this point, Eddie is still the most likely choice but just a thought.

After being initially hesitant I’m really enjoying the Caitlin and Julian relationship. It brings out a tenderness to Julian that we rarely see.

Every time HR and Wally have a scene it’s a highlight, largely due to the comedic timing of Tom Cavanagh.

Jesse L Martin is so good at delivering tearful moments. His reaction to the engagement news made me tear up.

I got heavy DC Rebirth vibes from Wally’s absorption into the Speed Force.

Next week’s episode has Leonard Snart in it, in other words, I’ll love it. We greatly appreciate you tuning into our review, if you missed out on my review on this week’s Supergirl episode, check it out here.


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