The Flash: Abra Kadabra Review

The Flash: Abra Kadabra Review

Abra Kadabra causes mayhem in a boring episode of the Flash

Abra Kadabra comes to Central City and causes trouble for Team Flash and Gypsy. Meanwhile, when a member of the team gets injured Julian needs to step up.


I am so back and forth on Flash this season. One week we’ll get a great episode and then an awful one. This week was another awful one.

The two positives this week were the awesome chase sequence and the villain. Abra Kadabra is a very over the top villain and David Dastmalchian was perfect casting. He is so hammy but simultaneously intimidating. I really enjoyed his character and how evil he was, especially in his last scene.

Onto the negatives, remember last week when I said the musical brought the fun back to Flash, well it’s gone again. Everything was so dour and depressing none of the characters seemed to be happy. What made me fall in love with the show was how much heart the show had and how every character was fun and likable. We’ve gotten so little of that since mid-season. I actively dislike Barry now and that’s a huge problem.

The two subplots this week involved relationships and while I was enjoying both of them in previous week’s they didn’t hit at all this week.

Gypsy returned this week and her relationship with Cisco lacked the spark it had in previous episodes. It just felt so forced and both actors looked uncomfortable with the material given to them.

The other subplot was about Cisco and Julian’s relationship. They patched things up and everything was fine until she becomes Killer Frost. This came out of nowhere, with absolutely no setup. Her going into cardiac arrest was so forced and really made me dread the next episode.

Aside from some cool action set pieces and the villain of the week, this episode was a major let down. Both subplots were weak along with the main story that just didn’t feel like the Flash. 5.7 out of 10


Additional Thoughts

Yeah, Barry going to the future will definitely work. Does this guy ever learn?

If you recognize David Dastmalchian it is likely from his roles in The Dark Knight, Gotham, and Ant-Man.

Why didn’t they just put Caitlin’s necklace back on after she stabilized?

What was the point of wearing scrubs during the surgery, also why was Iris his assistant?

Playing cards are a very popular weapon for comic characters. Joker, Bullseye, Gambit, and now Abra Kadabra.

Stagg Industries are responsible for the creation of Justice League member Metamorpho in the comics.

Comic Connections: Kord Industries is led by Ted Kord, better known as Blue Beetle. The CW originally wanted to use Ted Kord but WB denied the request due to Blue Beetle being used in something else. They later decided to give Ted Kord’s role to Ray Palmer and he became an integral part of the Arrowverse.

Help us, Tom Cavanagh, you’re our only hope. (He’s directing the next episode)

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