Five Reasons Solo: A Star Wars Story Could Surprise

Five Reasons Solo: A Star Wars Story Could Surprise

The prevailing thought is that this movie is going to disappoint and disappoint badly. However, I am becoming convinced that Solo: A Star Wars Story could surprise us.

You know me by now that I won’t just blare some opinion and make it hard to read. However, I am going to give you five simple reasons why Solo: A Star Wars Story could surprise us all and be a big hit.

1. Gritty Film

The first reason I have to expect this film to do well is that this film is expected to be completely different than any other Star Wars film that we have seen. It is expected to take on a darker and grittier undertone.

Paul Bettany who took on a role when Ron Howard came on to replace Michael K. Williams, said this about the movie:

“It’s Han Solo’s story, and of course his story would be a caper. On one level it’s a gangster movie. That’s really interesting, because it’s within the canon but really different. It’s fucking Han Solo!”

This leads one to believe we are going to see a different side of the Star Wars galaxy. Kind of the underbelly side of the galaxy. If you understand who Han Salo was (a Corellian spice smuggler), it makes sense that this can’t be some happy-go-lucky “Meet Han Solo” story.

2. Expectations are Low

For some reason, fans are a little uneasy about this film. I myself have been on that fence since they announced that this movie was going to happen. I have never been high or low on Han as a character. He was played well by Harrison Ford, but he wasn’t a character who brought out much interest for me.

This simply isn’t an area of the Star Wars realm that I really was all that concerned about finding out more information about. Due to this, I have felt that the movie could really lack depth. I haven’t felt like there was much to offer in terms of a back story that could really compel your average fan to care.

With this being said, I believe that this works in the movie’s favor. People won’t be coming in expecting the movie to be the best thing they’ve ever seen. The low expectations might make them allow them to like the movie better.

3. Han Solo is a pliable character

There’s not much to Han Solo. He’s not a Skywalker and doesn’t have this set in stone history or lineage. While we know the important things like how he got the Millenium Falcon and his friendship with Lando Calrissian. We know that we will see a different approach to his meeting of Chewbacca, but the rest is up in the air.

This is a director and story board’s dream. They can mold the story how they see best and allow it to gel well with what is known. Given the way Rogue One came out, I think this is good news for the film.

4. Lawrence Kasdan

A very important detail is that Lawrence Kasdan is back as the screenwriter for the movie. Kasdan was the screenwriter for Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Force Awakens. These are four very iconic movies and in my opinion, if anybody knows a thing or two about the character of Han Solo, it is Kasdan.

Kasdan was one of the main cogs for getting the previous directors ousted as there were differences between the two sides. When it comes to Star Wars, Kasdan knows what he is doing. He and Kathleen Kennedy have been there since the beginning and are the closest thing to George Lucas as LucasFilm gets at this point.

5. Director and Cast

I am quite convinced that Disney and Lucasfilm made a smart decision here grabbing a more experienced director in Ron Howard and ditching the duo of Chris Miller and Phil Lord. Most importantly because Miller and Lord believed they were making a comedy similar to that of 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie.

The creative differences between Miller/Lord and Kasdan/Kennedy were too strong. The two directors wanted to have more liberties with the script, and it just doesn’t work that way when you are working on a Star Wars film.

Not only did Lucasfilm make a smart decision in grabbing Ron Howard. They also made a strong choice in the majority of the acting cast. While most people don’t know Alden Ehrenreich, the additions of Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, and Woody Harrelson make this into a fine cast. I am also a fan of having Paul Bettany on board as well, I feel like he has done a great job with the Vision character and I think he gels well with the Star Wars niche.


I can’t believe that I am actually getting excited about this film. I have long since not been a big fan of the choice of the film, but now that we are getting closer and closer, I feel like it is going to be better than most think. Looking forward to seeing how they can advance an iconic character like Han Solo is becoming my thought process.

At the same time, knowing that they are planning on taking some risks with the character means that they want this to be a hit. I feel like that’s what made Rogue One so good. They could have played it safe and brought out some known characters and gave everyone the nostalgic feel, but I felt their risk played out well and I believe it will pay off for Solo.

That’s where I am on this movie now, I truly believe Solo: A Star Wars Story could surprise us What about you? Are you excited, nervous, scared about this movie? Let me know in the comments section below or on social media. May the force be with you Star Wars fans!

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