Five Best St. Louis Cardinals’ Promotional Giveaway Games to Attend

Five Best St. Louis Cardinals’ Promotional Giveaway Games to Attend

St. Louis Cardinals Promotional Giveaway GamesEvery year the promotional schedule comes out, I put together a plan of which St. Louis Cardinals’ promotional giveaway games will be the best to attend. With single-game tickets officially going on sale today, I want to share with you which games are the best to attend.

The best day of the year is here. Not only do the St. Louis Cardinals‘ have their first official game of Spring Training but single-game tickets are officially on sale today. Like every fan, I am making my plans to attend as many games as I possibly can. I always have to pick out the best St. Louis Cardinals’ promotional giveaway games to attend and this is the list of those games.

St. Louis Cardinals' Giveaway Games1. Dexter Fowler Bobblehead

This is a very unique item. Not only is it a bobblehead of a fairly popular player among Cardinals’ fans and his first as a Cardinal, but it is the first bobblehead of Dexter Fowler‘s professional career. Unfortunately, for him, he’s never been quite popular enough to warrant a bobblehead. To me, this is a shocking one as Fowler seemed quite popular in Chicago.

If you are a collector, this is a must-have item. It’s not often you get a player’s first bobblehead this late into their career. You will have the option to get this bobblehead very early as well. This will be the second bobblehead giveaway of the season on Saturday, April 21st against the Cincinnati Reds. The positive here is that when you purchase these tickets through SeatGeek, not only will you benefit us here at STL Hat Trick but you will also get a great deal on these tickets with the game being against the Reds.

St. Louis Cardinals' Promotional Giveaway Games2. Mystery HOF Opening Day Car Parade Bobblehead

Every year more and more bobbleheads are being given out. I remember my first bobblehead like it was yesterday. It was a Jim Edmonds bobblehead that was being given out to celebrate one of his many goldĀ gloves. To this day it has a place on my bobblehead shelf and it always will. With that said, a simple standard player bobblehead really isn’t that great to me anymore.

There has to be something unique about it to really grab my attention much like the uniqueness of the Fowler bobblehead. However, this is something completely different. This reminds me a lot of two bobbleheads that are the most prized of my collection. That is my Carlos Martinez and Matt Carpenter combo bobblehead and my Adam Wainwright/Yadier Molina combo Bobblehead.

While this isn’t a combo bobblehead like those two, this is still a unique item. You are getting a Cardinals’ HOF player in their customary red jacket. Not only that, you will get them in a car much like you see them on Opening Day. To add some intrigue to it, the Cardinals have made it a mystery player. So, whether you get Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, or Red Schoendienst will be left to complete random chance.

Again as someone who values the intriguing and unique bobblehead, this is a fantastic item. Pick up your tickets from SeatGeek here.

St. Louis Cardinals Promotional Giveaway Games

3. Yadi Tumbler

This next item is another unique item that you won’t find anywhere else. On Friday, June 1, if you are above the age of 16, you will receive a stainless steel tumbler that features Yadier Molina. The tumbler will feature Yadi’s name and number as well as a picture of the future HOF catcher.

This will be not only a cool giveaway but it will be a rare giveaway that will have a use for everyone who receives it. It can be an item that sits on a shelf or it could be an item that becomes someone’s everyday coffee cup. No matter what, everyone who receives this item will have a use for it.

If you want to get tickets to this game, you can purchase them from our partner SeatGeek here.

4. Carp Bobblehead

Initially, I thought we were just going to get your standard pitching bobblehead. I thought it would be similar to the bobbleheads that came out while he was on the team. Even at that point, it was a bobblehead that I would be interested in, as I don’t have any of his bobbleheads. However, this is not your standard Chris Carpenter bobblehead.

One of the most iconic memories of Chris Carpenter is his performance in the 2011 playoffs and World Series. This performance locked him in as a member of the Cardinals’ HOF. One of the most iconic plays of that World Series was Carpenter’s diving play at first during the first inning of game one. This is the bobblehead we are getting, so again the Cardinals’ promotional team hits a home run here. This is a must go to game if you are a Cardinals’ fan! Again, if you like saving money and supporting our site, purchase your tickets from SeatGeek!

5. Martinez Mystery Hair Bobblehead

Ok, I may be biased here. But, the best giveaway of the season will be on June 30th. On that day, there will be an incredible bobblehead giveaway. The giveaway will be a Carlos Martinez bobblehead, but it will have a little flair to it. It won’t be your traditional bobblehead as the color of his hair will be a mystery to every person who receives their bobblehead that day.

I am not certain how this will be done. We know that Carlos has had multiple hairstyles over the past few seasons. I do believe that everyone will receive a bobblehead with one of his unique hairstyles. You won’t likely see a bobblehead with normal hair.

This is a bobblehead that I have got to come away with. Again I may be biased as Carlos is my favorite player, but this is absolutely the best giveaway of the season. If you want to go to this game, go ahead and get your tickets from SeatGeek.

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Honorable Mention

It’s always tough to limit something like this to five but these giveaways are the best ones. Regardless, there are some that at least deserve some mention here. On July 14, we are likely going to see the last Adam Wainwright bobblehead while he is in a Cardinals’ uniform. They will be celebrating his silver slugger from last season, so you will likely see him as a batter with a silver bat in hand.

I am probably going to receive some backlash for not including the Bob Gibson pitching rubber that will be given out on May 18th. However, when needing to limit this to five, this giveaway doesn’t excite me enough. I think if I were to go to this game it would be neat to get, but I wouldn’t make it a must get.


My only complaint about the giveaways this year is that there aren’t any bobblehead giveaways on weekday games. Unfortunately, I work in the disastrous retail industry, which means I am a weekend warrior. So, attending a Saturday or Sunday game for me is unfortunately rare. I most likely will make one or two exceptions, but it would be nice to have a little more options on weekday games.

This is just my list of best giveaways. Your list may be different and that is okay. I hope that you are as ready as I am for the season to start. What giveaways are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments on social media!



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