Avengers Infinity War: Five Things we Learned From the Trailer

Avengers Infinity War: Five Things we Learned From the Trailer

The most anticipated movie release of 2018 finally has a trailer and it teases a brilliant movie that will lead to the closure of Avengers movies as we know them.

The epic trailer that we have all been waiting for is finally here. We finally have a trailer for Avengers Infinity War Part I. However, what has the trailer shown us, what have we learned? Let’s dig in here.

1. Thanos is absolutely the best/worst villain we have seen in a Marvel film yet

We have been waiting for this man’s arrival for five years. He’s easily the most powerful villain this MCU has seen and it is not even close. I will be unveiling a little backstory/introduction to the character of Thanos for those who don’t pay a lot of attention to comics. However, in the brief amount of time we got with him, we can easily see the destruction he brings and the utter desperation on the face of the Avengers.

Thanos will be a huge challenge and it will take an entire universe of heroes to bring him down. Thus setting up for the best two movies of the entire MCU.

2. Perfect utilization of character tie-in

We know that this is going to be the most crowded Marvel movie ever. This means it is going to be really hard to give every character their due and make it not hurt the story.

Already we have had the Infinity Stones and Thanos tied in with at least five different story arcs (Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, and Doctor Strange). The trailer perfectly connects these arcs while adding the connections with Black Panther and Spider-Man.

This is an incredibly good omen for a movie with a lot of arcs to connect and give screen time. You can already see the connections happen and they won’t be connections that are made just out of obligation. They will be connected to make the story work and it gets me really excited.

3. Three different hero factions

It is clear that the heroes here are fighting Thanos and his henchmen (The Black Order) in three different areas. The first faction is the New York faction with Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong, Spider-Man, and Bruce Banner.

The second faction would be the Wakanda faction with Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow, Bucky, Hulk, War Machine. The third faction is the space front which is naturally Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy. These will all play a part in some sort of defense of the Infinity Stones.

4. Avengers will lose

I think the most obvious part of this trailer and is the reason that it is a two-part movie, is that the Avengers will lose in this movie. The three different factions are fighting off Thanos and the Black Order from completing their mission of acquiring the Infinity Stones.

This part is kind of spoilery, so if you are wanting to stay dark until May, I suggest you look away for a little bit. It is obvious that in the trailer, Thanos is arriving in New York from space after successfully getting the Power Stone from Xandar (home of Nova Corps and Guardians of the Galaxy) and Tesseract from Asgard. Our meetup of Thor and the Guardians is likely after this event and where the two sides head to Earth to join the Avengers in battling Thanos and the Black Order.

Thanos is obviously after the Time Stone that is around Doctor Strange’s neck and has sent the Black Order after the Mind Stone that rests inside of Vision and the Soul Stone that likely exists on Wakanda.

The only stone we don’t know about in this trailer is the Reality Stone that assumably still rests with Benicio Del Toro’s collector. With Del Toro listed in the casting for the movie, it is safe to assume that Thanos will be pursuing him at some point in the movie to complete the Infinity Gauntlet.

We know that Thanos will at some point come in possession of all of the stones, meaning that the Avengers’ efforts to stop him will have failed. As odd as this sounds, it will actually be kind of nice to see something like that for once. We are used to seeing the good prevail in every Marvel movie so far, and it won’t happen in this movie.

5. Death of Characters

This is not something I am ready for and I am sure that most Marvel fans aren’t ready for either. However, there is some suggestion that we may be losing a key character or two in this movie. If we don’t see it, we likely will see it in the next movie. This is due to actors like Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. both having contracts that end after Infinity War II.

We have all been following these characters for a long time and it is going to suck to see them end in any way. However, seeing these iconic characters potentially meet a fatal end is a tough pill to swallow.

Ultimate Reaction

This movie is going to be amazing and I can imagine it is going to have a very long run time. It may even surpass Star Wars: The Last Jedi in terms of runtime, which would be quite impressive. Regardless, I cannot wait for this movie. You can keep following us here, as we work to bring some great coverage of the lead up to this movie. You may even see a contest or two as we get closer.

What were your favorite parts of the trailer? Did it excite you? Let us know in the comments or on social media, we’d love to hear from you!

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