Arrow: Kapiushon Review

Arrow delivers a solid episode that brings Konstantin Kovar back into the picture.

Adrian holds Green Arrow hostage and attempts to break Oliver using any means necessary. Meanwhile, the Bratva takes on Konstantin Kovar.


Season 5’s flashback episode didn’t live up to some of its predecessors but was still quite solid. The main plot this week is Oliver’s flashback to the Bratva’s destruction of Kovar’s operation.

Konstantin Kovar made his long-awaited return this week and Dolph Lundgren killed it. Kovar reminds me of Negan from Walking Dead. They both are very charismatic, intimidating, and power hungry characters. Dolph Lundgren excelled in all of those aspects and looks like he is having so much fun in the role.

The flashbacks tied it great with Oliver’s admission that he enjoys killing. Even Anatoli agreed with Adrian that Oliver enjoys killing but he wants to help him compared to Adrian wanting to break him. The most disturbing way Arrow showed this was when he tortured the henchmen and said it was for practice, that was terrifying to me.

In the present day, Adrian is holding Oliver hostage and attempting to break his spirit. This plot finally reintroduced Artemis after a long absence and I feel once she entered the cell was when Oliver broke.

I had two issues this week. One, Artemis’s “death” had little emotional consequences for the audience due to her extended absence. If she was given more to do earlier this season her “death” would have hit hard and her revival would have made the audience even more upset.

My other issue is Oliver quitting being the Green Arrow after Adrian broke him. I understand why the writers are doing this plot but when everyone knows that he’ll return to being Green Arrow eventually it hastens the impact.

Dolph Lundgren shined in a flashback-heavy episode of Arrow. The parallels between the present and past worked very well, while Artemis and Oliver’s decision didn’t sit right with me. 8.3 out of 10.

Additional Thoughts

Steven Amell looks ridiculous in his long hair.

Malcolm appearing was a cool nod.

Having all of Oliver’s victim’s photos in his cell was effective.

Comic Connections: Anatoli Knyazev is known in the comics as KGBeast. KGBeast is a Batman villain who pushed Batman to the edge. His most recent appearance was in the first arc of All-Star Batman, where Gotham crime lords hired him to kill Batman. KGBeast also had a small role in BvS played by Callan Mulvey.

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