Arrow: Checkmate Review

Prometheus lets loose on a great episode of Arrow.

Team Arrow attempts to rescue Susan from Prometheus. Meanwhile, Felicity goes deeper into Helix.


Arrow continues its epic rebound season with this week’s great episode. The main plot of this week’s episode is after learning Prometheus’s identity Team Arrow tries to rescue Susan.

Prometheus is shaping up to be my second favorite Arrow villain after Slade. His relationship with Oliver is so similar to Slade and maybe that’s why they are my favorites. They both are the way they are because of Oliver and that is their motivation, revenge on Oliver.

Now that Team Arrow knows that Prometheus is Adrian it really gave Josh Segarra a chance to shine. He had great scenes with Oliver, Lance, Renee, and Susan this week. A large part of that goes to the writers who decided to keep Adrian’s identity in the dark from the general public. It gives all of his scenes a great amount of tension especially when they’re set during the day. The best scene of the episode, however, was when Adrian’s wife learned he was Prometheus. Segarra really showed the pain of the decision he had to make and it gave him another reason to hate Ollie.

This week also brought Talia Al Ghul into the present day. With Talia allied with Prometheus, it seems like we are going to see more of her than I thought. It also adds another villain that wants revenge on Oliver with Talia seeking revenge for the death of Ra’s.

The main subplot this week was Felicity’s dealings with Helix. I’m really enjoying the darker path that Felicity has been going on and this plot continues that trend. With many of Team Arrow having dark pasts it makes sense to give Felicity some darkness. While it’s inevitable that Helix will be a villain for the team I hope they save it for Season 6. I don’t feel like Prometheus would come to them for help and it would set up a great conflict between Felicity and the team.

Arrow has been the best of the CW shows this season and this week is no different. With Prometheus out in the open Josh Segarra shined. Talia joined the present day cast and has chosen her side. Felicity continues to go to the dark side. 9.2 out of 10

Additional Thoughts

Anyone else get heavy Batman Begins vibes from the opening scene?

Why did they reveal Talia as an Al Ghul as a surprise? 75% of the audience knew when she was introduced.

Is Artemis ever coming back to the show?

Good transition to the hockey rink as well as the fight on the rink.

“Keeping secrets doesn’t end well.” Someone, please tell Barry this.

How is Captain Pike so stupid? He should’ve known that something bad was going to happen when someone completely covered is walking down an alley.

I really enjoy Prometheus’s theme.

Comic Connections: Prometheus reminds me of the villain Komodo from Jeff Lemire’s run on Green Arrow. Similarities between the two include being masters at archery, having female sidekicks, and both being named Simon. Read Lemire’s run if you have the chance it’s great stuff.

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